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Apple iPad: App Training UK Army Troops

When the iPad was released earlier this year I’m sure that most people thought that it would be mainly used by geeks, however we have recently heard that the UK army are using it in conjunction with a special app to train soldiers.

The app that they are using is said to teach troops jargon and procedures much more quickly than before, prior to this instructors would have to go through procedures with troops in classrooms.

Currently the iPad app teaches troops how to deal with a fire mission, however as this seems to have been a success I wouldn’t be surprised if developers work on other apps which help troops in other missions.

In the long run army training officers hope that this app along with future variants will cut-down the training procedure, not just this but as troops can practice with the app it may help out on the battlefield.

Source: BBCNews


  • Gilles

    Cool, now Apple knows everything the British army is doing.


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