Toyota Recalls 412,000 Cars: List of Models

Earlier we reported that Toyota had issued a recall for the Avalon and the Lexus LX 470, so in the space of a few hours Toyota has issued recalls for 412,000 cars. This means that the Japanese carmaker has now broken the 4.8 million recalls of 2009 and hit the 5 million mark.

This is one record that Toyota did not want to break, but it seems as if something has started and they are unable to stop it. This is now the 14th Toyota recall of 2010, one that includes 373,000 Toyota Avalon models, only those built between 200 and 2004.

The other model is the Lexus LX 470, 39,000 models are included in this recall from 2003 to 2007. Both of which has a steering issue, more details can be found here and here.

We are not certain how this will affect Toyota as a whole, only now has the Japanese noticed that sales have started to decline as consumers lose trust in the brand – a shame as their build quality used to be bulletproof.



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