Signal Fix for iPhone 4: Free Zagg Shield from Best Buy

By Jamie Pert - Jul 29, 2010

If the signal problems have put you off buying an iPhone 4, we have some good news for you, Best Buy are now offering free Zagg Side Shields with each iPhone 4 purchase.

The Zagg Side Shield is an invisible and bulk-less solution which is said to solve the antenna issues which occur when skin comes in contact with the iPhone 4’s antenna.

If you already have the iPhone 4 and you would like the Side Shied it costs just $9.99, at the time of this post we could not find a listing on BestBuy’s website, however you can buy it if you check out this page and select the “4FIX Band/Antenna Coverage”.

To be honest it is hard to say whether this is a worthwhile product, or just Zagg cashing in on Apple’s big iPhone 4 problem, therefore we would appreciate your feedback.

Have you used the Zagg side-shield for iPhone 4? If so, did it help with your signal problems?

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