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Signal Fix for iPhone 4: Free Zagg Shield from Best Buy

If the signal problems have put you off buying an iPhone 4, we have some good news for you, Best Buy are now offering free Zagg Side Shields with each iPhone 4 purchase.

The Zagg Side Shield is an invisible and bulk-less solution which is said to solve the antenna issues which occur when skin comes in contact with the iPhone 4’s antenna.

If you already have the iPhone 4 and you would like the Side Shied it costs just $9.99, at the time of this post we could not find a listing on BestBuy’s website, however you can buy it if you check out this page and select the “4FIX Band/Antenna Coverage”.

To be honest it is hard to say whether this is a worthwhile product, or just Zagg cashing in on Apple’s big iPhone 4 problem, therefore we would appreciate your feedback.

Have you used the Zagg side-shield for iPhone 4? If so, did it help with your signal problems?


  • BiFTeR

    I would leave this product alone, it’s just another cash cow for the wicked.

    Purchased mine about 2 months ago and followed all instructions to the letter. It covered the iPhone 4, but it looked poor with bubbles and a corner that just wouldn’t stay down.

    I’ve recently seen a fellow iPhone 4 user with the same product and it just ruined the whole aesthetically pleasing look, with bubbles all over it. Don’t waste your money on any off these so called shields. From prices ranging from £9 to a whopping £17.99, someone out there is making an awful amount of money for really poor products.

    Antonio from the real review.

    As for the bumpers they look cool but they really don’t do the phone any justice! Please tell me why the cost as they are a design fault why are they not given free? Have we all gone mad? Or have too much money and no sense?

    It’s a phone.

  • dj 101

    i have had this product on a couple phones and i love it.
    it gives the phone a little stick in your hand…deffinatly makes it harder to drop
    and scratches ever or they send you a new one..i was showing it to a freind by hitting it with a key…i finnally scratched,they sent me a new no problems

    love zagg invisibleshield

  • Rich81420

    Ive Had it for a few days. A case is a 100% fix(apple bumper)on my phone 5 bars (and yes I’m still on 4.0). It seems that Zaggs 4fix only improved the prob I only lose 1 bar now and with nothing I lose 3+. So for free it’s ok. But it is not 100%

  • Steve Stringham

    Previous commenter must have an anterior motive or is clueless. I got my 4Fix with my Maximum coverage from about two weeks ago and it included the side panels they now call the 4FIX. I love it. Hardly even know it's there. Seriously invisible. invisible SHIELD is a very fitting product name. I did and now no longer have antennae issues. It DID fix it. And love the extra grip feel. Screen works great. Thanks ZAGG.

  • jon

    they look and fell peel feel and takes away fron the feel of the touch screen.they do not i repeat DO NOT solve the antenna issue.i took it off after 2 days i hated it

  • Joe Brevins

    I got my side shield about a week ago and so far it seems to have fixed the problem. Can't even tell its there either


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