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Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and Vibrant: MobiTV Quirk

The new Samsung Galaxy S smartphone comes in a number of variants the Captivate and Vibrant from AT&T and T-Mobile are just two of these. They are said to be great phones, but Roy Furchgott from the NYTimes Gadetwise Blog notes that the pre-installed MobiTV app has a quirk.

Furchgott has spent time with both handsets and first noticed the issue with the Captivate. He signed into the app to that he could watch television, and was then met by the message warning that he should deactivate Wi-Fi and use the 3G network instead, which does seem very strange.

This is out of character for these carriers – especially AT&T – as they would rather you use your Wi-Fi and not hog up all the 3G data bandwidth. Also using the wireless network will offer a faster video downloading service, even the T-Mobile handsets asks the same.

There has been some conspiracy theories regarding the message asking you to use 3G instead, but it seems that there is just a little quirk with the MobiTV app that requires a small update to fix.

However, we were a little confused with the statement that MobiTV gave Furchgott, which you can read on Gadetwise

See a video of review the Samsung Galaxy S running on Adriod 2.2 Froyo update.


  • joel

    MobiTV doesn't force you to stream over the 3G network. This is flat-out incorrect.


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