Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Video Review

By Alan Ng - Jul 29, 2010

We have some great news for Samsung Galaxy S owners now, as we have a video review of the handset running the newly-released, but still unofficial Android 2.2 Froyo update. If you want to know how Froyo looks on the Galaxy S, check out the video below.

As reported from Phandroid, the new firmware is a official test build of Froyo for the Galaxy S, which Samsung-Firmwares managed to get hold of. If you are still looking for the download, you can find it here.

With that said, wasted no time in getting Froyo running on the Samsung Galaxy S, and they have wasted no time in showing us what the handset looks like with Froyo installed, on their included video.

As you can see from the video, Froyo is running pretty fast, although don’t forget that this is still a ‘test’ version of Froyo, meaning that some features may be missing.

Take a look at the video review below and let us know your thoughts on it. Do you have Froyo running on your Samsung Galaxy S?

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  • hgfhgf

    how to update android version? where is update button ?

  • Gaurav

    I have installed 2.2 on my galaxy s it sucks. It doesnt work properly. screen jams

  • gauravdalal

    I think i am using this froyo since the Firmware version says" 2.2 and the kernel version reads with Build FROYO.BOJP7

  • Ralph

    ive seen a lot of people using samsung galaxy s and theyve got this media hub.. and im just wondering how do i get it……?

  • Andy

    i found the update made my galaxy really slow and its lags alot

  • unknown

    swype became very very slow word options box comes just after about 30 sec
    i trew it of my mobile galaxy s

  • Kieran

    Android 2.2 has now been rolled out in the U.K. Got mine this morning on Vodafone. Not had a chance to explore it all yet, but so far, it is considerably faster and smoother. Can't wait to ecplore all functions and features of 2.2

  • Scott Deagan

    I hope 2.2 gets rid of the lag problem I'm experiencing on my Galaxy S running Android 2.1. I managed to find a fix in the Market called "One Click Lag Fix" (OCLF), but it roots your phone meaning you can't get the official Android 2.2 update. Fortunately, OCLF also provides a "one click un-root" option.

    I was also hoping that the Froyo update would get rid of the "Fisher Price" colour scheme Samsung have chosen for the TouchWiz UI. Unfortunately, after watching this video, looks like it's still there (although the deeper darker blues are an improvement – where used).

    Otherwise a lovely handset. Please hurry up and release 2.2 in the UK!!!

  • sssss

    is anyone know the offical date for the android 2.2

  • simplyayu

    what is the latest android version in samsung glaxy s??

  • betty

    Ive got my galaxy since 3 weeks now and i love it but still havent discovered all the functions yet cos im not that good wih computers and mobiles..heres my question..might be stupid so i apologise for that but i really dont have a clue..

    What is fryo?where and how can i get it once its out?is there a webpage where i can download it then?understood so far that its an update.will my phone still work as it does now if i wouldnt get the update?does it cost anything?

    Im sorry..probably making most of you laugh about my not-knowing.but i hope you can see that i really do need help.

    • hoaxone

      each android version is called after sweets : gingerbread , froyo etc
      when the update will be ready u probably will get a prompt in ur phone if u want to update the system.
      its free and everything will work normal as now but faster and better

  • 2.2 froyo update on galaxy s

  • Ricky Bobby

    i didn't understand a word he said the whole time

  • Tx_forhelp

    How about sync with outlook and their on software KIES. Is it possibly or is same as old version.

    It is the point where I am (most of people) disappointed as i have to use lot of communication with MS office.

    Only can hope that it will be resolved.

  • craig

    doesnt seem alot different to me, where is the multi tasking seen on the HTC. no point getting the unofficial update without flash. just as well wait. all i can see is that they have added a bit of color

  • O perez

    What's a jigga byte?

    • Dont Know

      you know what he meant. its not worth making yourself look stupid. no offence

      • Kiro

        dude you have no sense of humor…….

    • Iknowenglish

      lol noob its not jigga "giga" in latin is pronounced JIGGA. Everyone who says gigabyte is technically wrong

  • Dennis

    Android 2.2 seems great! Can't wait!!