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Samsung Epic 4G and HTC EVO: Sprint Growth Importance

Sprint knew that they were going to post poor Q2 results because they did not have any decent handsets for most of it. However, they do not seem too worried, as they know that the HTC EVO 4G and the upcoming Samsung Epic 4G will help to increase sales.

Sprint would have been able to post slightly better results if they were able to shift any EVO 4Gs, but not being able to fulfill orders has become a bit of a nightmare. However, they are not alone as Verizon is experiencing the same issue with their HTC Droid Incredible.

Sprint is aware that they need to start shifting these handsets soon, before Verizon start to offer their LTE 4G service to their customers. Sprint has been unable to utilize this market so far – yes they have the EVO, but no one can get their hands on them at the moment.

However, Sprint should be launching the Samsung Epic 4G some time next month, and looking at the spec sheet that Alan Ng covered in a recent article, the smartphone should do very well indeed.

Which Sprint handset will you choose the HTC EVO 4G or the Samsung Epic 4G?


  • Waz

    I own an the HTC EVO and I wenr to the EVO from a HTC Touch Pro 2. There is no comparison at all from Android and windows but I tried the Samsung Moment and I was rather unhappy with the reception of the Samsung line of phones in general. The TP2 at the time had incredible reception as well as the EVO. If Samsung doesn't do something about there reception problems I will stick with the EVO. Although I saw an Epic yesterday and I was blown away with the clarity and depth of there screen and I especially like the slide out keyboard, although not as good as the TP2 keyboard still better than the on board touch keyboard of the EVO. I am not in a 4G area and most likely won't be for a couple of years but I travel to places that already have 4G and I have to tell you it is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!. And this weekend Sprint is bringing a portable 4G tower to Bristol Motor Speedway. I'm not going to the race but I will be close enough to BMS to use 4G.

  • mr. Evo

    People only want the epic cuz they can’t get the evo….. so guess they gottasettle for less

    • lol! where's the thumbs up on this thing

  • W.B.

    I want one phone or the other. The deciding factor for me will be 1. Flash for the camera (must have). 2. Ability to speak a text message. 3. Proximity sensor so that I'm not hitting buttons with my face when I'm on a call. If the Epic 4G can do those 3 things then I will go with it, but if not I will go with the EVO. The EVO and the Epic have 1 gig processors…that is completely separate from internal storage space on the phones.

  • pat

    The Battery life on the EVO was the worst I've ever had, and I've had two other HTC devices! They all were bad with battery life and build quality; as soon as I say the light leaking from the bottom of my EVO I returned it with one day to spare.. I've said it before and I'll say it again now.. I will never buy another HTC product ever. It's too bad too, because it was a gorgeous phone! So, Epic here I come.. I don't necessarily want/need a sliding keyboard (I wish you'd release a version with and without it).. but I find them handy from time to time.

    Oh, PS.. your $10 premium fee sucks sprint.. if the Epic has any problems what-so-ever.. it's being returned too. No sense in paying $240 over the life of a contract for crap (that pretty much means your paying full price for the phone.. as I will not use any more data than I would with any other phone)

    • it's a $10 a month fee that still puts you at less per month than any other carrier pound for pound. I think people in this world just like to find something to complain about.

  • SRP

    For those with the EVO, how is the battery life? That may be the deciding factor for me between the Epic and Evo.

    • the battery life is fine. I can get 48hrs out of it and with heavy use I can get 24hrs. The update fixed alot of the battery issues. Turn off 4G unless you're using the hotspot or downloading large files and it will go forever

  • Devin

    I have been debating which one I want and decided I want the EVo for me and for my wife she will get the Epic so I can play with both =0p Now come on Sprint lets get the Evo available on your website already!!

  • Mike

    Evo is the nicest phone I've owned. Blackberries were my Fav before this. No issues or problems with Sprint service or Evo. Epic looks nice too

  • travis wood

    I love the evo jus can't keep my hands off it

  • Richard Agnew

    I am seriously leaning towards the Epic because of the media hub.

    • But there's no media. That's the funny part. You can download media on either one though from anywhere

  • ANDY


  • What the keyboard, its Epic for you. Want a slate? Evo it is.

    Both are awesome phones. You cant use any other phone once you feel a > 4" screen.

  • Sky

    I've held out just for the Epic 4G, so that's the plan. [But then, we have good Sprint coverage and have had the 4G network set up here for several years–even in the small towns around here.]

  • John Woo

    Looked at spec sheet. Epic only has 1 GB internal memory. Is it a typo?

    • paddy O'martin

      comes with 1GB internal plus a microSD slot that can support up to 32gb.

  • Kdubb

    And to think i was going to switch back to tmobile for the Vibrant. Ha! booyahhhh. The Epic is the enemy and i shall go that route. Due to the Evo’s lack of quantity. (ughhh). Ill deal with the wait.Long as i get my Epic, Sprint you will keep a customer

  • 11yearSprintCustomer

    I'd buy the Samsung if it had a portrait keyboard or was touchscreen only (I thought they had one coming out with the Epic). Sprint's coverage has went from pretty decent in Charlotte, NC to horrible since the beginning of 2010 (I guess they took down about half of Charlotte, NC's 3G towers, especially from south of Myers Park all the way to South Ballantyne and up in the University area) so if they aren't able to improve upon the reception I will be forced to switch. I don't know how the 4G is, as the folks I know with Evos live uptown where Sprint is strong.

  • ken

    I love my EVO

  • dps33

    Epic only has 1GB built in. Sprint may include higher gB Sd card.

  • ChuckT

    I am a Sprint Palm Pre user now, but not too thrilled with the spotty coverage. I'd stay with Sprint for the Samsung Epic 4G, but I won't for the additional $10 4G service, even when 4G is not even in my state. What a rip!

    • Richard B.

      It's not just for 4g, but for data in general and you don't have to pay for the wifi tethering either if you root your phone, which is perfectly legal now!

  • jeff

    Have the Evo 4g and just love the phone

  • Jake

    ill chose the samsung epic 4g cuz it has 16 gbs of memory already built in plus it has an micro sd card slot.

    • Sky

      Sorry, there is not 16GB in the phone, but it does come with a 16 GB micro SD card. Internal ROM is only 1 GB.

      • jin

        there’s 16gb in the phone if you know how to read a spec. it says there’s 16gb internal memory and plus you can get micro sd 16gb to upgrade unlike iphone.

  • keaton

    epic 4g!!


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