PlayStation Move: Official UK pricing and bundle content

By Gary Johnson - Jul 29, 2010

We have some good news for UK PlayStation 3 owners as Sony have finally released details about the pricing for the Move motion controller and bundles. We were able to report over a month ago how much the device was costing US customers, and until now customers in the UK were left in the dark.

Darren Allan from is reporting that the motion controller on its own will cost £35, and the PlayStation Eye is £25, and the optional sub-controller is also £25. The sub-controller is optional because a standard controller can be used.

The Move Starter Kit that has both the motion controller and Eye camera will be available for £50, saving £10 on buying individually. The kit is bundled with nine playable demos to get gamers used to playing with the device that include Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, The Shoot, and Sports Champions, Start the Party, and more.

Admittedly there is no full game with the device but the £50 price tag might be tempting for many PlayStation 3 owners.

Let us know what you think of the price.

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