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Apple Magic Trackpad Teardown: iFixit Video

Whenever a new device comes onto the market there are two things that we like to see, ‘Will it Blend?” and the complete teardown of that product. The latest gadget released is Apple’s Magic Trackpad, and the iFixit team has been let loose with their tools, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

The team make a note of how had it is to replace parts in thin Apple products if they ever go wrong – the main reason is because there is not many parts to replace. Those who do try to repair such a delicate device can often find themselves breaking it beyond repair, and the Magic Trackpad is no exception.

Do not let the thin design fool you; Apple has designed a product that has a multitude of components. As always, iFixit has a complete step-by-step guide with its teardown. They point out that not many Apple products have serviceable batteries, but as this is just like the Bluetooth keyboard, they are just AA batteries.

The teardown process is to be done at your own risk, and will make its warranty invalid. Visit iFixit now for the complete Magic TrackPad teardown, good luck and try not to loose anything. If you like this, then see our recent post on the iPhone 4 teardown.



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