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White iPhone 4: 10 Reasons Not to Buy

You’ve heard us talk about how good the white iPhone 4 looks, but how about hearing some ideas on why you shouldn’t buy it? We have found an article which lists 10 solid reasons why you should overlook Apple’s delayed device.

The article in question comes to us courtesy of eWeek, who have compiled a list of 10 reasons why the white iPhone 4 is a waste of money. Obviously they are a bit frustrated like most of us, on Apple’s continuous delays for the phone.

Their first reason, and perhaps the most obvious, is that the white iPhone 4 is exactly the same model as the black version. They say that it won’t provide any benefit other than a different color, and that customers shouldn’t waste their time on a device that might not come out at all.

They also think that there is more deeper reasons over the delay, than Apple are willing to disclose. If and when the device finally does comes out, demand is obviously going to be sky high, so they predict that more customers will be left disappointed during the holiday season.

Another point that they mention, is that there are plenty of other alternative handsets to choose from, as detailed in our previous report here. Take a look at eWeek’s article in full and let us know your thoughts on it.

Do you think they are right or wrong about the white iPhone 4?


  • Rocky

    Not all are iphone haters like you are , I just got my iPhone 4 and I love it. If you give 10 reasons not to buy iphone 4 i'll give you 20 reasons to buy it. And i want to give a message to competitors of apple – – "apple just have 1 product – iPhone , while you losers launch a new handset almost every month " 😡 😡 😡

  • parker

    this the dumbest article i have ever read regarding the iphone….

  • Gay Boy


  • Mark

    “where’s the link to the original article?” trying clicking on eWeek! Doh

  • i don't see any reason not to buy Apple white iphone 4 it sounds good and i am sure to check it out .

  • straightFORWARD

    so the reason why we shouldnt buy a white one is because it's just the same as the black one? isnt that what it's supposed to be? the same phone just a different color…this article sucks. where's the link to the original article? THE GOOD ONE!

  • S

    It always grinds my gears when websites have an interesting article, but the fail to include a direct link to the original article. Would you mind providing that instead of the home news page so readers don’t waste their time having to sift through pages and pages of articles? Thanks!

  • S—-

    Actually, it has something to do with mobile internet usage, sorry Alan! 😀


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