Starcraft II/2 PC: List of Problems after Installation?

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2010

It has been a good few hours since Blizzard launched Starcraft II on the PC, so what are your thoughts after playing? We have heard some reports of various problems within the game – have you experienced any?

Users have been posting various problems on the official forums, as well as places like Amazon – where the first user reviews are going live.

It turns out that the game is suffering from some installation errors for some users, although we’re not sure how widespread this is at the moment. The game is also giving out various error messages, some of which include ‘no association’ and ”Starcraft II requires a patch, would you like to install and download the patch now?”

Have any of you encountered any problems with the game during or after installation? List them all here for other users to help out.

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  • im having a problem and iv just installed the game…
    every time i click on the shortcut icon, the screen with the blue background and the button play appears, it also says ‘updating…’ on the top left corner.
    it only stays there for about a second, and then immediately closes down again, and its like it never happened in the first place.
    has anyone experienced this before? and does anyone know how to fix it?

  • stars

    HelloEveyOne i already have account in battle net but i cant login starcraft 2 wings of lebirty 🙁

  • Aqeb

    Neeed HELP !!!
    before sc2 used to work perfectly …my comp got virus then i had to format it after that i installed it again and then when it started updating it says : 2.4 mb left ( there were mutliple problems saving data ) and its stuck at 57 % !!! i did that proxy thing also still doesnt work !!! What should i do 🙁 ?


    the game ask me about the account. I already creat an account int he server, and when i insert my account name the game said '' invalid version''……….. version of what..??
    any soultion please..

  • bill

    the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. Why are these jack asses allowed to rip us off man? I’ve had this game for 8 months and I have not been allowed to play yet. Download patch. How many F’n patches are there because i’ve downloaded about 10 so far and still can’t play. Anyone want to start a class action suit I,m in

  • jawbreaker

    i got one probleme and it started when i got the update version 1.1.3

    and starcraft2 said this : program:F/StarCraft2/starcraft2.exe

    -floating point support not loaded

    and this : program:F/StarCraft2/Support/BlizzardDownloader.exe
    -floating point not loaded

    can anyone help me plz because i really want to play starcraft 2 :s

  • jwojwo

    perfect !! my blizzard updater was stuck .. i was like wtf.. killed the updater, killed the service in task manager.. checked auto detect settings in IE and fixed !

  • Victor

    My problem is that my sc2 just wont play offline or online!! It just doesn't make sense to me. I clicked the play as guest and it says 'must have a character in sc2 account' so i register and create my own account. Trying to start the game.. then this patch downloader showed up. So, I waited an hour or so. The play button is finally on. I was about to click it and it start to download AGAIN!! That keeps happening over and over again. I disconnected from the internet to see what happens. AND I can't launch the game. Help!!!

  • PHILYMC316

    i keep gettin that patch evertime i start up i downloaded the thing bout 10 times and when i do download it wont let me sign in keeps sayin im not connected or is not available plus i cant start offline W.T.F IS GOIN ON

    • Victor

      we had the same problem. It keeps downloading OVER and OVER again!!!

  • Mikey

    My proxy setting boxes are already unchecked and I still get the message "Starcraft II requires a patch. Would you like to download and install the patch now?"

  • ezbz

    Thanks Goran! that problem was racking my brain for a while!

  • Luke

    My game installs fine but then it says – installation corrupt, run repair – then it says it is fine but it still doesnt work!

  • smrad

    i just bought the game, and when it comes to 98% instalation the error pops out saying; starcraft 2 Cfiles couldn't rename shit blah blah…. it comes to the end and the error comes again, i installed it for 4 times, still errors, blizzard made the game realy stupid, whit all the errors

  • InCornito

    1.Reset the winsock catalog. Just open command prompt with admin rights and type netsh winsock reset

    then enter.

    2.Go to start -> run – > regedit

    Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> InternetSettings and delete the entry “ProxyServer = http=”

    3.If you’re using WinXP then go to Control Panel => Security Center => Internet Options => Connections => LAN Settings

    From there uncheck “use proxy server” and check “automatically detect settings”

    4.restart computer


    Hope this works for you guys too!

  • DarthVader

    My patch downloader gets to 3.3 MB remaining and then just stops… so close

  • gamer

    hi guys..
    which of you having patch problem
    just unblock blizzard lunch.exe from the list of block program
    this list can be accessed in firewall setting
    after installation of patch just run and enjoy

  • Guest

    Ok I installed starcraft 2 on my mac just fine. i went to activate the game for account and whenever i put in the cd key the activate game button doesn't light up, so I cant push it and I cant play the game online. Wtf?

  • Minicoz

    GOORAANN!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! OMFG Peerblock was blocking then , so just open up peerblock and it should be blocking Blizzard Entertainment, rightclick and put allow permanently. It updating NOAW!!!

  • Robert

    Hi all had the same recurring issue with need an update click ok then the cycle repeated. After pulling my hair out and also trying everything else I could find I finally said to heck with it and completely turned off my firewall. That is the router firewall and the software firewalls as well. After that it loaded fine. Warning this fix leaves you wide open to everything out there would use as I did as a last resort.

  • guest

    Wow well done Goran. I disabled PeerBlock and BAM! worked immediately.

  • Stella

    Patch?! WHAT ****ing PATCH?! This is becoming seriously irritating now. I still can't get past the 'recurring patch' issue on SC2. This is worse than when I bought Empire Total War… A game I still haven't managed to play, but at least I didn't pay £40 quid for it! What a shambles this online authentication business is… I have emailed Blizzard for advice and will post their reply if I get anything back from them. I've tried all kinds to get this game to work but if anyone discovers a miraculous cure then please let me know. I would be eternally grateful. Okay, not eternally, but grateful enough to 'big you up' to the rest of us geeks out there. Peace out.

    • Stella

      Blizzard's suggestions:
      1. Run SC2 as Administrator
      2. Ensure no applications are running at the same time
      3. Reboot PC in safe mode
      Unfortunately, none of these methods worked for me. They wanted all kinds of information from me and this is what they suggested after I took the time to email everything to them. It's not like I didn't have the good sense to try these myself, but it was nice to be reminded I'm troubleshooting in the correct manner. I'm SO annoyed it's not even funny! I just wanna play!

    • Stella

      Blizzards's latest suggestion was to a) run the game using the 'exe' file (wouldn't you just do that anyway?) and then to b) use 'Starcraft repair', which was wholly ineffective as it reportedly didn't have anything to repair… BUT (and it's a BIG but (just how I like 'em)) I have finally cracked it! I simply plugged the ethernet cable directly into the back of the base unit and hey presto… No more stupid patch requests! There was a lot to be patched though, but it didn't take long and now I'm up and running… See you on the battlefield.

  • roger

    mine goes 22 and then crash with There were multiple problems saving data i try everthing but tells the same thing but install in other computer but when i try to run the game fails start again downloading the patch again i am realle desapointed about this game waiting long time for these wooow bilzzard

  • Juicebox

    Tried all the fixes here.. none of em work for me (including removing proxy and doing automatic detect and also tried adding in TCP port 1119).

    Anyone else got a possible fix?

  • RDF

    MIKE: Figured it out for me people so you gotta go to your control panel and got to security center and from there go to internet options from internet options go to connections and go to lan settings uncheck use proxy server and check in automatically detect settings bam worked for me.
    Totally fixed it for me, thanks a lot!

  • Ben

    For some of you. I live in the USA and have a DSL connection using a D-Link Modem / Router. The source of my problem was that I had set my router's firewall to high security which blocks the port traffic to and from Blizzard. Some of you might want to:
    Open your browser
    type in the address ''
    and navigate to the router settings that control your security or port traffic.
    Set them down to medium or low and the update should work no problem.

    • Darold

      I don't have a D-Link router, but I temporarily turned off my router's firewall. This solved the problem. Thanks!

  • Jan

    How do I do this on Windows 7 I have never fiddled with my ports before!

    Mine still fails at 16% with the 'There are multiple problems saving data' crap.

    I have purchased the GB version where on the box it says Eurpoean Servers only and I live in NZ. Is anyone else having issues with this warning?

    Of course because I cant create a character I can't log in to battle net to whinge.

    But I KNOW there are loads of peeps out there having this issue.

    • DarthVader

      yep.. i'm getting "multiple save issues, but at 64%". I did can the downloader app and reboot so i might have corrupted a file..sigh

      • Danny

        I have the same issue at 64%. Its strange coz i have 3 computers and they all have the same problem at 64%.

        Super annoying…someone please help!

  • Brown

    For those that installed the game and are having patch update issues, ensure you have outbound TCP allowed for port 1119 – once I opened that up in my firewall everything worked. good luck !

    • frankfrankly

      Perfect, first tried Mike's suggestions but that did not work. Brown, thanks for the solution you provided. It worked perfectly to solve the download patch issue…

    • My Left Testicle


    • Helge

      Thank (allow TCP 1119) works!! SUPER!!!!

  • Brown

    anyone know what port blizzard uses outbound to connect to the update server and install patch post installation?

  • chuck

    woooow this game suuks dik

  • mike

    'There were multiple problems saving data'
    It freezes at 16% every single time

  • Iliya

    i keep getting this error message during installation where it says this file "blah blah" cannot be written. the file is always under c;/ProgramFiles/…/Textures. anyone have any ideas?

  • Garrett

    When i try to install SC2 from the CD it gets to 33% then i get this error message:
    "The file "C:Program FilesStarCraft IICampaignsLiberty.SC2Campaignase.SC2Assets : AssetsTexturesriefing_video_ttosh02_02.ogv" could not be written. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQTarget::Write/SFileWriteFile)"

    i tried copying the disk onto my computer and installing it that way and i get up to 40% and the same error message comes up but its file c:/ProgramFIle/…/" could not be written.
    i read on another forum that some other windows xp users are having this problem too. any suggestions? i really wanna play this game

  • Sun_Wukong

    My installation got to 90%, and then my system just rebooted. tryin to install again.

  • John Doe

    i keep losing my internet connection while playing online…my internet appears to be fine when im not running SC2

  • budlight

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem for a mac?

  • Dave

    noture if anyone has mentioned this.

    Since installing Starcraft 2, my pc will decide to switch itself off. The first time .. it switched itself off during one of the campaign missions when i rebooted it switched itself off during reboot. Tried to reboot again and it worked fine and sc2 ran fine as well. Tried it the other night and had the same problem.

  • Sp3Edy

    52 % and error fix it

  • John

    I have trouble installing SC2, after I run the SC2 launcher, I get the "Install" window, when I hit install it goes to the blizzard agreement, click ok, asks what folder ( in this case C:programfiles (x86)/StarCraftII/ but in then says:
    The flie " /StarCraftII" could not be found.
    Help any suggestions?

  • prawn

    Mike my good man, your not a bad lad despite what all the ladies think. cheers.

  • Jan

    Running Windows 7. No PC issues……..
    Installs OK.
    insists on patching following install then stops at 16% with a message in the box at the bottom that there were multiple problems saving data.
    Checked my IE and it is set as suggested.
    Is it because the patch uses torrents to update perhaps?

  • Heather

    If you run peer block or peer guardian, you have to kill it in the task manager for the update to start. (not just close it on the task bar.)

  • The MU

    The proxy settings worked! Thanks! IF you are using chrome:
    go to Settings and then options.
    After that you can see "network" on the bottom of the window, and click on the "change proxy settings" button. It will take you to the IE internet options page.
    Now if you have a DSL connection, it should be default. So select settings on the upper right and make sure are everything is set to "Automatically Detect Settings".
    If you have LAN click the "LAN Settings" and do the same. "Automatically Detect Settings".

    I have a DSL line and it worked fine for me.

  • Goran

    Hey guys, I also had that "Starcraft II requires a patch, would you like to install and download the patch now?” problem and was stuck with it for a while. My problem wasn't the windows firewall or proxy settings under the LAN network setting, the problem was that I was running PeerBlock (PeerGuardian) for p2p and that little proggy was the one blocking the update server IP (strange, it was listed as Disney Worldwide services IP). Once I allowed that IP the update started. If you are running any similar program check if that`sthe one blocking the update server. I hope this helps.

    • Steve

      THANK YOU GORAN! I've been fighting with this for hours playing with network settings. Somehow it never occurred to me to check PeerBlock!

  • Rich

    When i hit ok it shows a black screen with a black screen for about 5 seconds and gives me the same message. Automatically detect settings doesnt work for me

  • fred

    I have, The file "StarCraft II" could not be found. on install, it just stops the ijnstallation dead!

  • Mace

    I'm trying to install the game from my disk, I get to 30% and it just kinda freezes there…any suggestions? I'm running on Window's 7 and my comp is pretty up to date with a lot of free space and ram…I honestly think that Blizzard just has it out for me.

    • Hamed

      MINE GETS TO 64% and freezes!!!! ITS SO FRUSTRATING!! i did what Mike did.. unchecked the proxy thing and left the automatic thing check… its still freezes!! plz help 🙂

  • Jon

    +1 to Mike. The solution worked. Thank you very much. Just to clarify:

    1. Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings
    2. Check "Automatically detect settings"
    3. Uncheck "Use a proxy server for your LAN"
    4. Run StarCraft II

    The patching progress should now begin automatically (without the prompt). Windows Firewall may ask to keep blocking the updater, but just click "Unblock". Works like a charm.

    • Rich

      Doesnt work for me. When i hit ok it shows a black screen with a black screen for about 5 seconds and gives me the same message. Just like before. I also tried with the firewall and my virus program turned off.

      PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    • BROBIE

      This worked for me but I have Win 7 and the directions weren't directly applicable. I searched the machine's Help for "proxy" and eventually got to what appears to have been the right place to change these settings. The patch appears to be installing now … FINALLY! If someone could post the same directions, but for Win 7, that would be a service.

    • kevin

      Thank YOU SO MUCH IT WORKS!!!!

  • Aeneon

    Still have the "StarCraft II requires a patch. Would you like to download and install the patch now?" error. It doesn't do anything – my proxy settings are all fine, and my firewalls are all off, but still no progress. Any other solutions out there?

  • SmokeWeed

    Mike's solution worked for me

  • Ryan

    I have to go through a Uni proxy and i get the same patch mesage. i suppose thats the problem?

  • Demetri

    I installed windows SP3. I used selective start up so my virus protection wouldn't interfere. I changed the proxy settings like " Tyler "said, but nothing seems to work.

  • Demetri

    I have the same problem with the freaking patch!!@! This is such B.S

  • eddie

    MIKE IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That worked perfectly

  • steve

    "StarCraft II requires a patch. Would you like to download and install the patch now?" then it gives me the option of "OK" or "Cancel". When i hit ok it shows a black screen with a black screen for about 5 seconds and gives me the same message…. i need help and i wanna play this game.

  • Ferran

    I bought the CD when i click install i get the following message:
    The file "Blizzard EntertainmentStarcraft II could not be found"

    I tried different paths and have no firewall on how i get this fixed?

    • Ferran


  • John

    Blizzard Failed this game , So Much Problems, i Can't even play because all i get is a Black Screen, I'm gonna return this game Tomorrow, ASAP!

  • James

    Having that "requires patch" problem too. Except I *did* check the proxy settings, yesterday in fact and they are definately not the problem.

    Also I tried re-installing 3 times, re-checked all firewall/router settings, etc. Nothing works.

  • MarkG

    WOOT! Tyler you rock – that totally worked.

  • tim

    I have all settings right and its still asking me to patch the game….
    So it has to be something else… Windows 7 x64

  • Tyler

    I FOUND THE ANSWER… i use firefox on my computer and never internet explorer…but i had to turn off all the proxys in internet explorer as well as firefox then the update worked. Open Firefox and turn off your proxy then also any other browser you have even if you dont use it and that should work for you

  • Steve

    I've had no problems at all, erm apart from the fact I missed the post and SCII is now sitting at the PO Depot and I'm stuck at work… sigh.

  • Tyler

    some one please answer Billy and Bre cuz im having the exact same problem

  • Viqer

    I think the biggest problem is the fact that after installing the digital version the blizzard payment servers were simply inadequate and many people have still not being able to get a cd key. Blizzard hide this by requiring by requiring you to have a cd key to post on their forums. The equivalent of sticking their fingers in everyone else’s ears and shouting la la la. 7 hours of trying I am now off to shops pre work to buy the much cheaper box version.

  • marak

    For those of us who were a bit late(like me) – were now getting digital authentication errors as the purchase server is so clogged up atm. Basicly we cannot digitally d/l the game until they finish the processing of the order – been about 10 hour s since i brought it now *sigh*

    and all my mates who went to the shops and brought it are laughing quite loudly 😛

  • Mike

    Figured it out for me people so you gotta go to your control panel and got to security center and from there go to internet options from internet options go to connections and go to lan settings uncheck use proxy server and check in automatically detect settings bam worked for me

    • Andreas

      I had that problem since yesterday. Thought Ive tried everything. The solution Mike provided worked directly for me (win7 64). Thank you mike! 🙂

    • dave

      totally worked for me as well. thanks a million mike

    • Andrew

      You are awesome. That is all.

    • Ben

      worked thanks alot man!

      • Jose

        would anyone know how to do this on a mac os?

    • Dan

      Blizzard was of no help, but i ran into your comments desperately seeking a solution, and it worked. I'm greatly appreciative dude.

    • James

      This worked wonderfully for me. I hereby proclaim Mike to be my new god. All hail Mike.

    • MrBob

      Worked for me. Billion thanks mate ;)!

    • Gene

      Yeah Cheers Mike, it was driving me crazy trying to figure out the patch and not being able to play the game. heaps of help

    • Randomness


  • Bre

    I also get the "StarCraft II requires a patch. Would you like to download and install the patch now?" Still not fixed either…

  • Billy

    Yes, I got the "Starcraft II requires a patch, would you like to install and download the patch now?”

    I'm stilling trying to figure out how to fix would be much appreciated =]

    • Dan

      Having the same problem. Forums suggest disabling proxy settings, making sure Windows Firewall isn't blocking Blizzard's updater, etc.

      My hope is Blizzard updates it's direct patching site so that those of us without direct control over our firewall settings (work comp) can apply the patch. Otherwise this software is useless

      • ComputerGuy

        Why would you need to install this app on your work computer? Jeez!!!

    • gary

      havnt had this problem myself but a good thing to do is to reset Interenet explorer to default settings some maliware and or viruses change settings that can cause problems with the update process