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Starcraft II/2 PC: List of Problems after Installation?

It has been a good few hours since Blizzard launched Starcraft II on the PC, so what are your thoughts after playing? We have heard some reports of various problems within the game – have you experienced any?

Users have been posting various problems on the official forums, as well as places like Amazon – where the first user reviews are going live.

It turns out that the game is suffering from some installation errors for some users, although we’re not sure how widespread this is at the moment. The game is also giving out various error messages, some of which include ‘no association’ and ”Starcraft II requires a patch, would you like to install and download the patch now?”

Have any of you encountered any problems with the game during or after installation? List them all here for other users to help out.


  • stars

    HelloEveyOne i already have account in battle net but i cant login starcraft 2 wings of lebirty 🙁

  • Aqeb

    Neeed HELP !!!
    before sc2 used to work perfectly …my comp got virus then i had to format it after that i installed it again and then when it started updating it says : 2.4 mb left ( there were mutliple problems saving data ) and its stuck at 57 % !!! i did that proxy thing also still doesnt work !!! What should i do 🙁 ?


    the game ask me about the account. I already creat an account int he server, and when i insert my account name the game said '' invalid version''……….. version of what..??
    any soultion please..

  • jawbreaker

    i got one probleme and it started when i got the update version 1.1.3

    and starcraft2 said this : program:F/StarCraft2/starcraft2.exe

    -floating point support not loaded

    and this : program:F/StarCraft2/Support/BlizzardDownloader.exe
    -floating point not loaded

    can anyone help me plz because i really want to play starcraft 2 :s

  • jwojwo

    perfect !! my blizzard updater was stuck .. i was like wtf.. killed the updater, killed the service in task manager.. checked auto detect settings in IE and fixed !

  • Victor

    My problem is that my sc2 just wont play offline or online!! It just doesn't make sense to me. I clicked the play as guest and it says 'must have a character in sc2 account' so i register and create my own account. Trying to start the game.. then this patch downloader showed up. So, I waited an hour or so. The play button is finally on. I was about to click it and it start to download AGAIN!! That keeps happening over and over again. I disconnected from the internet to see what happens. AND I can't launch the game. Help!!!

  • PHILYMC316

    i keep gettin that patch evertime i start up i downloaded the thing bout 10 times and when i do download it wont let me sign in keeps sayin im not connected or is not available plus i cant start offline W.T.F IS GOIN ON

    • Victor

      we had the same problem. It keeps downloading OVER and OVER again!!!

  • Mikey

    My proxy setting boxes are already unchecked and I still get the message "Starcraft II requires a patch. Would you like to download and install the patch now?"

  • ezbz

    Thanks Goran! that problem was racking my brain for a while!

  • Luke

    My game installs fine but then it says – installation corrupt, run repair – then it says it is fine but it still doesnt work!

  • smrad

    i just bought the game, and when it comes to 98% instalation the error pops out saying; starcraft 2 Cfiles couldn't rename shit blah blah…. it comes to the end and the error comes again, i installed it for 4 times, still errors, blizzard made the game realy stupid, whit all the errors

  • Guest

    Ok I installed starcraft 2 on my mac just fine. i went to activate the game for account and whenever i put in the cd key the activate game button doesn't light up, so I cant push it and I cant play the game online. Wtf?

  • Minicoz

    GOORAANN!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! OMFG Peerblock was blocking then , so just open up peerblock and it should be blocking Blizzard Entertainment, rightclick and put allow permanently. It updating NOAW!!!

  • roger

    mine goes 22 and then crash with There were multiple problems saving data i try everthing but tells the same thing but install in other computer but when i try to run the game fails start again downloading the patch again i am realle desapointed about this game waiting long time for these wooow bilzzard

  • RDF

    MIKE: Figured it out for me people so you gotta go to your control panel and got to security center and from there go to internet options from internet options go to connections and go to lan settings uncheck use proxy server and check in automatically detect settings bam worked for me.
    Totally fixed it for me, thanks a lot!

  • Ben

    For some of you. I live in the USA and have a DSL connection using a D-Link Modem / Router. The source of my problem was that I had set my router's firewall to high security which blocks the port traffic to and from Blizzard. Some of you might want to:
    Open your browser
    type in the address ''
    and navigate to the router settings that control your security or port traffic.
    Set them down to medium or low and the update should work no problem.

  • Brown

    For those that installed the game and are having patch update issues, ensure you have outbound TCP allowed for port 1119 – once I opened that up in my firewall everything worked. good luck !

    • Helge

      Thank (allow TCP 1119) works!! SUPER!!!!

  • Brown

    anyone know what port blizzard uses outbound to connect to the update server and install patch post installation?

  • Iliya

    i keep getting this error message during installation where it says this file "blah blah" cannot be written. the file is always under c;/ProgramFiles/…/Textures. anyone have any ideas?


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