PS3 Firmware v3.41 Problems: Game Freezing and Disc Errors?

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2010

While the added features to the Playstation Store are nice, we are hearing reports that the new v3.41 firmware update for the PS3 is causing problems for some users. Can any of you confirm this?

PR has had various users complaining of problems after updating to 3.41, while there are others elsewhere who seem to be having similar problems.

We are also hearing that the new firmware update is affecting some games specifically, with Uncharted 2 and LittleBigPlanet mentioned. Sony has not posted any statements regarding problems though – so we imagine the problems are not too serious.

Here is a few reported problems, just to let you know:

1) ”I updated and i’am having problems with playing uncharted 2, multiplayer freezes and sound is lost.”
2) ”I update perfectly, and now my Little Big Planet disc wont read on the XMB. it was working fine yesterday.”

That last one was taken from the official PS boards, I also read one about internet connectivity problems after installing. Can any of you confirm these problems on 3.41 after updating?

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  • LSan

    Just got Uncharted 2 and a playstation slim for Christmas and the first thing it asked was to update. Now the game freezes randomly and I can't enjoy it. I've been so eager to play it for so long and it let me down like THIS??? This is very very sad. I've always defended Sony and PS3 (which I never had one until Christmas this weekend) and I've always defended it from XBox 360 fans. Now it makes me want to apologize to XBox fans and tell them they were right about the PS3 and it's freezing issues… wether it's the game or the system or the "updates" that cause the problem. I've been reading and to see that this issue has been going on for so long…. what's up sony????? Your laptops let me down already… now this???????????????

  • eezzy

    I've been having the same issues but not quite as serious. I have a 120 slim and ever since the 3.41 update, some games just freeze up. This has happened with KZ2, Uncharted 2 and Assassins Creed 2. It really is quite annoying. It still reads all of my games (Knock on wood) but it just freezes a bit too much. It's pretty ridiculous and it's even more ridiculous that Sony won't own up to the issue at hand. They need to stop being so defensive and acting like people are blaming them. It's definitely a big mistake and QA should have caught the issue before the release of the update. It happens, but they should at leaset admit that the firmware may be causing issues. After all, firmware is supposed to keep your system running BETTER and to keep it up to date.

  • Nick Kay

    Will try downgrading as i have the old software on my USB still and post back with any luck

  • jez74

    my son has never had problems before but it now seems that his blu ray drive wont do jack, seems funny so many ppl are having this issue since the 3.41 patch, coincidence i think not, sony probably know theyve caused the blu ray failiure and are denying all knowledge as i guess they figure it will end up making them more money, not happy

  • robby

    tried unplugging the power and still same problem. gave up and tried again after an hour and it worked, for the night. tuesday, couldn't get it work again. madden 11 comes out and i've got it and i can't play it, that hurts. tried the waiting an hour thing again and still nothing and i finally give up for the day. i go online and research a bit to see what i can do and i'm all set to try the system restore. i come back and somehow my friends have madden 11 fired up and working, it works for the night. wednesday, i get home and set up the ps3 for some madden 11. still freezing and not working after unplugging and the same old shite, even got in a system restore with my 5 minute freeze window. so i call sony and get set up to send that sucker in. i'll be without me ps3 for two weeks. and i get to stare at my new game the whole time.

  • robby

    just wanna add my rant to the list. my ps3 slim 250 is having a similar sounding problem since the update. i got it in april and it's worked well. last weekend i installed the update and it worked well that weekend. monday came and the system wouldn't run longer than 5 minutes before freezing up. even worse was after shutting it down and turning it back on… nothing. lights on normal, plugs in tight and right, av or hdmi on the tv matching the output, all idiots suggesting i must be doing something simple wrong… shot, and i can't get picture and sound out of my powered up ps3.

  • Damian

    When I update the new firmware my ps3 start to freeze I call sony and want to charge 120 dollars to fix it or refurbished

  • Barriez

    Hey, I have a fat 80gb PS3. I was playing fifa WC. Afterwards, I did the update to the latest 3.41 firmware and restarted the game. The game froze soon and after rebooting my PS3, it no longer detect any game disc/blu ray/ dvds. I think it’s abit “coincidental” that some ppl too had this problem, as claimed by Sony. :((……..

  • darkcat818

    It’s insane, Sony… Ur crappy patch/update/whatever is f’n up everyones stuff, it’s annoying that I can’t play for more than 10 min on any given game without having a freeze! Please just fix it!

  • Greg

    In response to my earlier post in which i said my 40GB phat keeps freezing in game, it now has YLOD and wont start. Thanks Sony

  • SixthofSeven

    Same here. I updated to 3.41 and my box will not play any disc, bluray, DVDs, and/or games. It will not even recognize them. Talked to SONY support and they say that no one has reported this problem. Not only that they say that their firmware updates never ever break systems! When I told the tech that there are numerous complains online, her response was that people are making up stories. So far I have tried restored the defaults and some sort of a repair option that tech support suggested, but issue is not resolved. I did a complete systems restore and that did not do anything. Just reloaded my backup data and no luck with playing any disks. Sony wants $178.00 for them to fix it. I feel that it is a rip off. If their software update broke it then they should fix it, even if the system is out of warranty. This kind of unethical stuff got Toyota in trouble and it is a matter of time that Sony is going to feel the pain. Any other thoughts anyone?

    • Michael

      Same problem here not playing any disc after 3.41 update…

  • update FIXED

    download the UPDATE from the playstation site with INTERNET EXPLORER and not with firefox etc. the IE update works. i have a working PS3 again. works with the original HDD and with a new HDD 🙂

  • Bobby W

    I´ve been playing MW2 the last couple of weeks and started to get gamefreezes after playing a while. But the last two days i can´t even finish a match and it freezes at the scoreboard. I can restart and it recognizes the gamedisc and everthing. But upon restarting a new game it freezes again.

    I´ll be playing either Red Dead Redemption or Battlefield Bad Company 2 to see if i experience the same problems.

    But i think it´s safe to assume that it must be related to the 3.41 update and not to a specific game?

  • Ville

    I downloaded the newest update v3.41 then I tried to run Read Dead Redemtion, the game freeze when I came to the screen "Press Start". I tried with all the resets that PS3 "support/shitheads" told me, still does not work. They told me that it was a Hardware issue on my PS3 but I told them that it is the update that is the issue. then I moved over to try a little on my own. Have right now done a totally format on the ps3, took about 7-8h to complete. inserted the Read Dead Redemtion again and now it works! I will download the latest update again to see if it works even then or if the update screws the game. will write again and tell how it went.

    • Ville

      Hi again, after installed the update the game freeze again! will now format the PS3 and never install a Update from Internet Connection, just from the Game disc.

    • gamer22

      hey Ville, what happened when you installed the update?? is your game freezing again?? cuz I have the same problem as you with RDR and I'm thinking to do a complete format of my ps3 now

  • UpsetPS3Owner

    I was running low on hard drive space and I decided today to upgrade my PS3. I purchased a new hard drive and installed it successfully. Unfortunatley, turns out the PS3 Firmware v3.41 is giving me trouble. I can't get my new Hard Drive to work or recognize the update. I have had no luck with my several flash drives with the update but got nothing. I also tried an external Hard Drive but no luck. I then researched to see what the problem was and sure enough MANY people had the same problem. They can't deny its a coincidence or a fluke. It is the PS3 Firmware v3.41 fault and causing MANY PROBLEMS. What we think is a small update to add a "You may like" feature really has some other underneath stealth changes going on. Sony, Please fix the firmware. Thanks

  • gamer22

    since a few days..
    MoST of the time Red Dead Redemption keeps freezing after been playing for about only 5-10 min and Fifa 10 same thing…

    This is getting really FRusTrating . I thing it's because of the ******* Firmware 3.41.

    Is anybody have the same problems with these games???

  • Alex

    I have a 6 month old slim, original in every way. Since installing the update it keeps hanging and running at about 2 fps for a couple of mins. This is regardless of whether I’m running a game or not. 🙁

    It’s currently unusable

  • Installed patch. Now blue light flashes for 1/2 a second and then red flashing lights.

    Nothing. Dead Ps3. Thanks Sony!@

  • Aaron williams

    i've had nothing but problems since updating to v3.41 , it's actually affecting my internet and i'm constantly kicked out of games like mw2 red dead redemption and fifa for a bad connection even though i have at minimum 10mbs running through my ethernet cable!!!

    Are they even planning on fixing this because it's getting to the point where i'm just going to switch off and leave it till i know it's better?

  • mike

    my fat 80 gig keeps locking up on mw2. Never had a prob. sometimes wont show the game at all. wtf

  • Greg Mahan

    I cam confirm the Internet problems. My PS3 hasn’t been able to connect since I downloaded the update

  • Greg

    Mine worked fine before the update and now its started freezing in every game. Tried formatting but its still the same so I'm guessing it was the update

  • I have the first gen ps3 60GB and have the same problem since the update, it won't play or recognize any of my discs, audio, dvd, games, and blu-ray movies. I tried to contact them via their support center and redirects me to an article about the problem, I restored everything wiping out the drive, etc but still have the same problem and there is no way to undo the update! Sony sucks !

    • Peter McCauley

      well then u just got a dodgey ps3 then, i have one of the first ever ps3s, like it started as version 1.00, i then updated to a 120GB harddrive buh thats of the point, i have never had a problem with my ps3, not any of the ones u also describe here. heck i even dropped my ps3 down a set of stairs last week, it was a scary moment, but i plugged it back in and nothing was wrong at all, it is the best and most realible consle in the world, so do not say that sony sucks, sony has made one of the best things that this world has ever seen. FACT!

      • Guest

        but that doesn't solve the problem does it?

    • Did you ever get this resolved? I have similar issues and I can't even upgrade to 3.42. I get 8-digit error codes all the time. Reformatted my HD and it did no good.

  • Tgc10

    My PS3 slim takes twice as long to load games and freezes as soon as the regular gameplay (not the menu) kicks in. I am now unable to play any game, It worked flawless before this update.

  • SWFu

    Mines started freezing when playing MW2

  • Paulus

    Fat PS3 60GB completly fucked. won't start again after a faild install of this ^*#(# firmware update 3.41. nothing works -_- thanks again sony for destroying my second PS3 :@

  • Skunk

    Same problem, did the update, and now I can't connect to the network. DNS errors and wont log in. Fat PS3 60GB

  • PibbXtreme

    IM FREAKIN PISSED! it was workin fine before the update but now it wont obtain the ip adress when i try to go online but it says im connected to my router with 100%strenth and i know my router isnt the problem because im using my laptop to type this -__-

  • Daniel

    My PS3 120GB slim is ruined since installing 3.41! Everything hangs, graphics are choppy & laggy, everything takes about 10 times as long to work, most games won't load!

    • getinsikwitit

      same exact thing happens to me doesnt matter what game MW2 UFC MADDEN none of them work MW2 freezes while playing and UFC and MADDEN dont even load up since this gay update how do i dop a system restore to see if i have a corrupt file? everything was peach q till the update i want to see if a system restore helps, ya know maybe i got a virus from gamesharing ill never do it again !

  • yomi12

    after the 3.41 update i started playing fifa10 halfway through a match, the game froze. i tried to restart the ps3 but ever since then my ps3 hasnt been reading any discs that are inserted. so now i cant play any games :(. then i called ps3 and they are planning to charge me £131 for repairs. they wont fix it for free or admit that their update caused this problem because they havent had enough complains about the update. so please can everyone with a similar problem call and complain to the psn number about the update?. Thank you 😀

    • Damian

      I have the same problem maibe you need a new bluray lens

  • Zelos

    After this update my Dragon Age game keeps freezing in the loading screens! This game has never frozen on me, but since last nights update it’s happened 3 times! Fix this problem fast sony!

  • Juan

    i have a fat ps3, n when i updated to 3.41 it keeps freezing!! is the first time i got that problem!! =( help please!

  • aldi98

    Havn't had the problems with LittleBigPlanet but Gran Turismo froze on me earlier for no reason then searched games saw this and have begun to wonder. If anybody has found a fix I would be greatful.


    • aldi98

      If it makes a difference mine is a Fat PS3 40GB anyone else in a similar situation, I also found that Battlefield 1943 is intermittent.

  • whyme

    my ps3 not recognizing discs blu ray or dvd after update sony say £131to fix a joke

    • esri06

      I have the same problem – 40gb phat model upgraded to 250gb. Now wont read bluray,dvd or cd immediately following 3.41 update. Sony have just told me it's a coincidence as there was nothing in the update to cause disc failure and they are not aware of any similar problems! They will do a like or like swap for £130…

  • Onikaizer

    affirmative, after update without problems, I started playing bioshock, all fine, until the game froze, and had to reset the machine. Upon restart, it wouldn't read any disc. I tried restore file system to correct errors, but no luck. It's a 60 Gb model, two years of little use, at least 7 to 10 hours a week.

  • bradley

    I’m having problems with COD MW2 which keeps freezing and UC2 but only when trying to play online. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this. (it only started after doing 3.41 update)

    • Jacob

      thats what is happening to mine on mw2 online, and i also cannot play multiplayer or career with it anymore

  • Elias

    Another problem caused by the lack of RAM is the mandatory installation of games partially on the Hard Disk. This problem is not present on the xbox 360 and this why the 360 performs in general better than PS3 when plying multi-platform titles and on top of that games installation is optional and it is only recommended for shorter loading time. the 360 operating system consumes half the amount of RAM of what the XMB on PS3 consumes.
    Hence, I think Sony should in some way offer to consumers and developers the option to upgrade the RAM on the PS3 the same way when you upgrade the Hard disk and I'm sure that everybody would pay for an extra 256RAM as it wouldn't cost a lot. This way they wouldn't run at all through these problems and they could virtually add any feature to the XMB. I know that this may sound a weird suggestion but its the only way to play games with no need for install, have a cross game chat, and eliminate all the problems that the PS3 might run into.

  • Elias

    I honestly didn't have any problem so far with this upgrade however I have the first gen (fat) of PS3 and it never had a problem with any of the previous updates. I do believe the PS3 slim might be the reason since the processor and some minor hardware is different from the fat PS3.
    It would be better if users quote the version of their PS3 to evaluate this manner. The problem with the PS3 in general is that the XMB is still using a considerable anount of RAM from it, reducing the total amount of RAM dedicated for playing games or performing other tasks. This is the reason why Sony till now didn't find a solution for Cross Game Chat without consuming a high amount of RAM. The more features the XMB offers the more RAM the PS3 requires to process it.

  • praveen7796

    it seems the problem is with the ps3 exclusives mostly . i updated my ps3 and all works fine while i play mw2 and bad company2 (available on both console x360 and ps3) but i havent tried unchrted2 yet.

  • Gdub

    I'm having problems accessing the psnetwork. It won't even sign in just keep giving error codes. I had problems downloading the update in the first place.

  • Primm

    I'm having problem with my Blue Ray disc.It dosen't play my PS3 games or the blue Ray movies.What gives?

  • donald

    i dont have problems playing games it just that my ps3 keeps freezing for absolutley everything even to send a messege and my friends dont load and i cant see my picture no internet

  • Phil

    I can't even download it, I get error code 8002F88C every time. After I first tried to download I have had some problems with freezing.

    • Avoid It ?!?!


      SONY NEEDS TO OWN UP TO A SORT OF CODE OF CONDUCT , THIS IS REDICULOUS ! DONT FUCKING BOTHER CALLING THEM. i say we all get together and do somthing about it !

  • Roger M

    My PS3 slim was hanging while loading Red Dead Redemption after the update. I had to cold start/reboot. Seems like it works OK now tho. Will inform if the problem shows up again.

    • Ville

      Hi, same thing happens to me, Hanging when loading Red Dead Redemtion after this update, worked fine yesterday before the update, frezz when the "Press Start" button is shown. I have rebooted my system several times, still same issue.
      I have also tried some other games NHL/FIFA/DIRT2 all of them works fine

  • h1j4k

    After updating last night, my 250GB slim managed to get stuck at the wave screen upon restart. Anytime I tried to restart my PS3, it met the same fate. Customer Service told me to hold the on button until two beeps, then try several options there. Now my PS3 Slim will still turn on, but only shows a black screen, whether I use AV of HDMI cables. The only screen I am able to see is that two-beep screen, but then after i select an option, it goes right back to the blank screen.

    • Runiq

      I am having the EXACT same issue, even down to the last detail, however I have the original 60GB version(upgraded to 320GB). I tried all options in safe mode and even tried re-installing my old HD and nothing but black screen after reboot. The firmware update version3.41file is not recognized on USB flash or SD card when trying to manually update, and option #5, Restore PS3 System, starts but locks up at varying times during settings selection. Sony Customer Service said that this is an isolated problem and is offering a Slim refurb for $120 or send-in service repair for $180 with shipping. I informed them of numerous posts on the support forums similar to this, but they said they would be "overloaded" with calls if this was such a common problem. It is my opinion that there is a potential of permanently corrupting the hardware due to some defect in the firmware update itself. This update is mandatory and has to be performed in order to go online. I am going to wait and see how this is is addressed in the coming days before a pay out big $$ for fixing a problem that was caused by a faulty firmware release.

    • Aaron

      i had that a while back , turned out the ps3 wouldn't read my hard drive so nothing would come up

    • DarkStorm

      I'm having this same problem. Did you end up getting it fixed yet?

  • Guest


    every time ps3 updates people come out with this shit. All of my friends with ps3s have been fine since forever.

    • lol, if u have no problems, don't bother commenting Mr. Bodoh Nameless. i'm only facing the problem now so i'm just checking around if anyone has similar problem.

      • Guest

        Sorry for being a total ass. Was being emotional seeing this post every time

  • Rainyday

    I have problems playing Star ocean international after updating. After like 10 mins or so, the state will keep changing between blue screen, black screen and the game itself. note that the game is still running even in blue/black screen thus i think loading the graphics is a problem. There were noe problems wif my ps3 before updating