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Nintendo 3DS: Price could be higher than 4GB Xbox 360?

Nintendo may not be ready to disclose pricing information for their upcoming 3DS handheld system, but that hasn’t stopped analyst Michael Pachter from giving his predictions on pricing in the US.

Pachter has stated that the Nintendo 3DS is likely to be sold for $249 in the US. Considering that the DSi currently sells for $169.99 on Amazon, that is a considerable price hike don’t you think?

If Pachter’s predictions are correct, that means for $50 less, you’ll be able to buy a new 4GB Xbox 360 console! And for $50 more, you can buy a 120GB PS3 Slim console for $299. Pachter has been right in the past with his predictions, but surely this one is way off the mark.

Here’s a quote from the man himself: “Due to the unique 3DS experience previewed by Nintendo at E3 this year, we believe Nintendo will be able to sell millions of units even at a price of upwards of $250.”

Personally, I too was impressed with Nintendo’s 3DS coverage at E3 2010, but would you be willing to pay $250 for one? I don’t think I could justify that, especially with an Xbox 360 available for just $199.

Let us know your thoughts on this one.



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