Nintendo 3DS: Price could be higher than 4GB Xbox 360?

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2010

Nintendo may not be ready to disclose pricing information for their upcoming 3DS handheld system, but that hasn’t stopped analyst Michael Pachter from giving his predictions on pricing in the US.

Pachter has stated that the Nintendo 3DS is likely to be sold for $249 in the US. Considering that the DSi currently sells for $169.99 on Amazon, that is a considerable price hike don’t you think?

If Pachter’s predictions are correct, that means for $50 less, you’ll be able to buy a new 4GB Xbox 360 console! And for $50 more, you can buy a 120GB PS3 Slim console for $299. Pachter has been right in the past with his predictions, but surely this one is way off the mark.

Here’s a quote from the man himself: “Due to the unique 3DS experience previewed by Nintendo at E3 this year, we believe Nintendo will be able to sell millions of units even at a price of upwards of $250.”

Personally, I too was impressed with Nintendo’s 3DS coverage at E3 2010, but would you be willing to pay $250 for one? I don’t think I could justify that, especially with an Xbox 360 available for just $199.

Let us know your thoughts on this one.

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  • darthstuey

    3d isn't that amazing in the grand scheme of things. It's new and has WOW factor but it offers nothing to gameplay- the best game I played last year was Pacman DX on PS 3- the gameplay was utterly amazing.
    So it can play 3D films- so what? Half the films released in 3D are retro fitted by the studios trying to cash in on the idiots willing to spend the ridiculous amounts of money the tickets. Also 3D films such as Tron and Avatar do look great when watcching them on an IMAX screen the size of ten houses but on a screen you can fit in your pocket-come on everyone wake up.

  • robert

    ok,i would personaly choose the 3ds over Xbox and playstation for 10 reasons 1 : Plays Games in 3D, 2: Plays movies in 3D, 3: A crap load of EPIC line up games including Mario kart, The Legend Of zelda OOT, 4: backward compatibility you can play games from ds,dsi and dsiware software and a new virtual console which brings me too my next point 5: Virtual Console Nintendo announced that the 3ds will be able to play gameboy games in 3d so th'ats more then 100 games that we could be playing in 3D, 6: Graphics even with the 3d turn off the graphocs are f£^king amazing i was reading a magazne that show the diffrence in the ds graphocs and 3ds'es big diffrence 7: The Miis are back my friend thinks these are extremly annoying on the wii but i thought hey worked well so i am glad to see them m make a return on the 3ds system 8: 3D without the glass when i first heard about the 3DS i was can't be true but at E3 2010 i was bleeping speechless at what i saw now it will be hard to beleve this because people will not be able to see any adds on tv due to tvs not all being 3d so for many " Unbeleivers" Nintendo will have to up there game and put people on the street with demos to but those non beleviers in there place and to shut there mouth 9: augmented reality games nintendo showed there fans a video with the ds functions and one of those was augmented reality games this was again bleeping amazing u simply put the card giving under the 3d camera and the card evolves so to say and you see this 3d image and finally 10 : 3d cmera when this was first announced people were totally shocked the ability to take photos in stunnign3d was a thing of the future but nintendo has done it u take a photo and it comes out in 3d this is just amazing. so i think i would pay 250-300 for this

  • I'mYourBestPartner

    but the PSP GO!! is a damn shit, so if GO!! is in 250 then the 3ds is worth buying it at the same price…just watch, people will not look for its price but it's content, like what happen with the Wii. OVER SELL+Emergency Panic Button with Low Wii in stores.

  • someone

    same price as the psp go

  • Not telling you

    250 is really overpriced. I’d rather have a PS3 for 50 more. Or,I could just upgrade my graphics card in my PC! Or! I could even by an iPod touch! DROP THE PRICE NINTENDO!

  • Unidentified

    I heard the 3ds was supposed to have something graphics like the wii/xbox. So It might be worth it, I know I'd rather have smooth graphics on my dsi rather than those weird polygon graphics!!

  • ThomasBCat

    Its gonna be 199.99 with games at 34.99…Nintendo is not stupid and will NOT price themselves out of the market. The reason it probably won't be out until possibly March of next year is because Nintendo wants to have enough so there won't be a big shortage when they launch. This Pachter guy is an idiot who really doesn't know anything about video games….

  • marhorn

    Id rather have an Xbox any day over 3ds and ps3! because…. I can play 1080p through my xbox! just look at zune or download an hd file ….duhhhh. Who needs blu ray? which spins a lot slower than a dvd (so lots more loading) Xbox is killing the ps and when Halo Reach comes out it will be the nail in the coffin! I would take the 3ds over the ps3 any day I am looking forward to new zelda and the like. And yes I have an Xbox, a ps3 and a ds and I always play the Xbox and the Ds, but never the ps! last game I played was god of war (which was sweet) but honestly ps3 suck

    • Alex

      btw just because a blue-ray spins slower does not mean slower loading. in fact it is able to play hd which means that load times are short. the ps3 has faster loading and higher detail visuals. meaning more hd less in game loading. just because it is more sucsesful does not mean that it is better. I will take a ps3 over the overly rated xbox only games (that aren't xbox only. you can play them on the computer too).

      • marhorn

        HA! faster loads!…..thats why every game you play on the ps3 has to install for like half an hour! and just about every game loads at intervals whilst playing. Kilzone had a load every time you walk about 10 metres, which made it look like the game was perpetually skipping! Xbox360 has hd! and look at every cross platform game, they all perform better on the 360! Xbox kicks ps3 all the way back to…(insert random destination) Bring on HALO REACH!

        • arekku-sama

          actually it is faster loads blue ray disks are 25GBs dvds are 4.7gbs / dual layers are around 8gbs the reason they SPIN slower is because it has more data to read at once and it infact is about 2xs the speed of reading a dvd the reason the game has to install "for like half an hour" is because its a HUGE GAME hell i own a 360 and a 7gb game takes around HALF AN HOUR to install whence on a ps3 it takes about HALF AN HOUR to install something around 14gb and NAWWW u think every cross platformer game runs better on the 360 do you know why? THOSE GAMES are pc based and guess what the xbox 360 is? PC BASED it infact runs a modified version of windows 2000! HOW OUTDATED IS THAT i dont even own a ps3 but i do own a 360 i have played the ps3 plenty of times and i can tell you your a fanboy thats got a blind eye the xbox 360s burn up i shouldnt have to modify mine to make it keep living so MARHORN before u post ur fanboy sh#t how about you look up info first bud?

        • james

          Dude, shut up, and don't you dare start hating on Win 2000 you ignorant "Man without a farther" because seriously that was just retarded, i mean you had cred til you decided to bask an OS, come on i expect better. Do you have a prob with PC based things? just wondering considering everything is PC based, you might want to look your sh#t up first bud.

  • Nfanboy

    I agree with the previou comment.

    Nintendo should lower the price tag of the 3DS because you can get a 360 cheaper ? This is so ridiculous !!!

    The 3DS wll probably sell over 1000 dollars on ebay for several month.

    250$ seems the right price for me.

    I mean you can play games in 3D watch moves in 3D.

    Remember when the Wii used to be at 250$, it was sold out for nearly 3 years !!!

    So I’m not worry at all for a 3DS at 250…

    • darthstuey

      Yeah but unfortunately it's the same price in uk pounds as you are talking about in dollars. I'm sorry but what made the Wii and original DS such big sellers was their low price points-they were almost impulse buys.


    Well to even say would you get a 3ds over the xbo?x is just silly isn't it of course people will choose this over the xbox. The xbox is just a very old console now who cares if it has a new design which i must say is more cheaper and wafer thin compared to its predecessor. The 3ds is 1 a handheld 2 its a Nintendo hand held 3 its freaking 3r with no glasses 4 its the newest member of the most successful gaming console family of all time 5 it wil have superb support from day one 6 Zelda, Mario, Mario kart, kid Icarus Pikimin shall i go ? no thought so this is going to be huge, now ask yourself this who wants an old xbox that just sits in your living room don't even have blue ray when you can have a hand held that is going to be able to play your fave games in 3d play movies in 3d going to be powerful and you can take it anywhere 3DS FOR ME ANY DAY LOL

    • James

      Dude, clearly you have not yet learnt the value of a dollar. Cos $300 for a DS? That is insane, we have all seen what happens to a console when it over shoots a possibly justified price mark, PS3, and come on they just shot themselves in the foot by doing that. I hope Nintendo does not make the same mistake, cos it would be sad to see Nintendo start to lose because of a monetary miss calculation.