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Dell Streak: Release Date Confusion – Update

For those of you who are still in the dark as to when Dell will be releasing their Streak tablet/smartphone device, we have an update for you now, as it won’t be releasing today as some of you may had hoped.

A report by BGR previously stated that the Dell Streak would be available to buy today on their website, but Dell has officially confirmed that information on their website was incorrect, and the release status is still pending, until Dell say otherwise.

Just to let you know, the pre-sale for the Dell Streak has now ended, meaning that those of you who want to buy one, will have to stay tuned for the moment when Dell announces a street date.

Head to the Dell Streak page here for further updates. Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you waiting patiently for one?


  • Sheesh

    Ahh, Becasue your in need. Ill talk to Mr.Dell now.

  • Wow. Dell is shooting itself in the foot. They need to get the release date straight. All this messing around is turning me off to actually purchasing this product.


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