T-Mobile G1: First-ever Android Smartphone – No Longer for Sale

By Jamie Pert - Jul 27, 2010

Back in late October 2008 a smartphone called the G1 hit T-Mobile, this handset brought Google’s Android mobile operating to the mainstream, however we are now hearing that the G1 is no more.

Engadget are reporting that T-Mobile USA, Amazon and other retailers no longer offer the G1, it is unsurprising given the massive growth we have seen in Android smartphones, however the G1 in my opinion should go down as a smartphone that changed the market in a great way.

Obviously the G1 wasn’t perfect, however it paved the way for future Android smartphones, who would have thought that two years on Android-based devices were arguably the iPhone’s biggest competitor?

Are you still using the G1? If so, how is it coping in today’s social media-centric world?

Source: Engadget

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  • It completely amazes me just how far these phones have come, not just in terms of design, but also in functionality in such a short period of time. It really demonstrates how important a thriving developer eco-system can be in pushing technology forward in a user-centric manner.

  • I rooted my G1 shortly after getting it in November 2008 and kept up with the CyanogenMod ROMs for it, always enjoying the latest flavor of Android. My husband sold his G1 last year and got a MyTouch shortly after they debuted. He and I both upgraded to Samsung Vibrants a couple weeks ago, but until then I used my G1. We both LOVE the Vibrant. We've decided to keep the G1 rather than sell it, first as a backup phone and also because it's a little piece of history…The first Android phone on the market.

  • youngchris1983

    I’m posting this from my (g-weezy) G1 as me+my friends refer 2it as. I’ve had my HTC Desire about 2weeks now BUT I’m still in love with this beast. Easily 1of the best phones I’ve ever owned the only problem with it is on board memory+poor battery life other than that, it has the best qwerty keypad in the world not even blackberry have anything on this bad boy! G1 4ever!

  • ed

    I’m posting this from my G1, which is still going strong, and running a more up-to-date version of android than most phones currently released, i.e. 2.2 (Froyo) thanks to the CyanogenMod team. Plus a little hack by a guy called Firerat allows Facebook contacts to synch with my phone. So, whilst the old beast is slow, i can tether it to give my laptop internet access and run everything i need it to with a little patience. And since i re-negotiated my contract i get all this for £15 per month with unlimited data, 300 minutes and 300 texts. Saving money and waiting for the perfect phone to appear. long live the G1 i say!

    • Hey Ed,

      My name is Luis Joel, and I have been trying to find a way that I can use my Tmobile G1 phone to log unto facebook,I do get on facebook,but I only get limited access . For instance I can not send messages on facebook or add friends or post comments I have google and looked under different headings and can seem to get what I am looking for, I have my laptop (broke, my brother is fixing it) so I am using my G1 Android phone in the mean time. Please help me out , I would greatly appreciate anything you can send me so I keep in touch with all my friends on facebook……………………………

  • Ruthie Magnus

    My phone is the shit. I call my ma with it.