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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty – Amazon User Reviews

Today Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty finally launched, strangely Blizzard are holding back reviews, however if you check out Amazon’s user reviews for the long-awaited game you can get a rough idea of what to expect.

It would be fair to say that reviews are mixed, you can see plenty of five star reviews here, if you would prefer to see the game’s imperfections check out this link.

At the time of this post 134 reviews had been posted on Amazon, 62 users scored it five stars, 9 users scored it four stars, 5 users scored it three stars, 7 users scored it 2 stars and the remaining 51 users scored it just one star.

Most of the critical user reviews state that they are unhappy that there is no LAN mode and only one playable race. The other major annoyance is that an internet connection is mandatory to play the game.

To be fair all of this was revealed before the game’s release, that said I wouldn’t be surprised if another playable race arrives via DLC.

Out of all of the user reviews I think there are two well-worth reading, one can be seen here here, also worth a read is this user review.

Have you received Starcraft II today? If so, feel free to write your user review in the comments section below.

Source: PCWorld


  • Mepooponu

    Those of you who support Blizzard through the thick & the thin are to be commended for your herd mentality. If Blizzard decided to sell their customers an 8 bit expansion of WoW or Diablo there would people willing to defend the corporate giant until their dying breathe. The fact of the matter is that this IS an incomplete game & not worth the $60 being charged for it.

  • how to fint out users to chat and play?

  • rBob

    Loss of LAN is the single saddest thing about this game. Give me Bnet validated LAN at least. We had a LAN last weekend with 3 unique copies etc. etc. but latency was a problem and really detracts from the multi player aspect. Blizzard really shafted the fans on this, although I'm sure it won't dent the $$ they make from the title, although I wish it did so they would listen.

  • signcutter

    I never did play the first starcraft game.. guess thats a good thing. I dont know what I'm missing from it.
    I think this second starcraft is a nice playing smooth well developed game.

  • Tim

    Spot on Adam! SC2 is a wonderful game, thoroughly developed, and worth every penny. So many haters need to just not play it – no one will miss them.

  • tony

    your an idiot adam. i'll go back to playing sc1 to be quite frank. i have both on my comp.

    sc2 ain't pretty. it just looks that way.

  • Bill

    Honestly I was upset also but the sheer amount of work they put into the game is amazing. 12 gigs for the game. There are a mass amount of cut scenes and extreme detail put in each single player map. I played for hours last night and still have not beat the game. To me that makes it far worth it since most strategy games any more are 4-6 hours and your done. Beyond that single player is made far different than multiplayer. All I can day is I wish half the stuff in single player comes to multi player because of its amazing power. Honestly people have zero place to complain.

    • witnessofwitlessness

      Fans of the original Starcraft who embraced and appreciated features like the ability to play the game via LAN with friends, or the ability to bring their copy of the game over and play in "Spawn" mode (where others could all play with you, even without owning their own copy), or who thoroughly enjoyed playing through the game as Human, then Zerg, and finally as Protoss… well for all of THOSE types of fans, you're in for a HELLUVA disappointment.
      None of the above mentioned are included in Starcraft 2.
      The good news for fans of the first Starcraft is that the game is pretty much exactly like the original game in most other ways – except with better graphics and sound.
      The game DOES have a new beefed up copy protection scheme that requires validation through battlenet (internet connection). And as previously mentioned, the only way to play multi-player is through battlenet (no LAN capability).
      The only playable race in the single player campaign is Terran (Human)… though it's been announced that the each of the other two races will be included in their own expansions (at a pop of $60USD each). By all accounts, that works out to about $180 for a game that was 12 years in the making, and is pretty much the same as the original (no new groundbreaking features or capabilities – in fact – a lot of the original features and capabilities have been scaled BACK).

      All in all – a huge disappointment. For those who have been hoping that the 12 year wait would have some sort of payoff for your patience…. perhaps if cognitive dissonance sets in, you may find yourself as one of the fanboys who raves about how much prettier it looks than its 12 year old predecessor… or you may be one of those who raves about how great it is that they haven't changed hardly anything – and you feel honored and privileged to be able to contribute your first $60 installment towards the new trilogy…

      For many others, you'll likely find yourself feeling a bit ripped off – both for having held out high hopes for the past 12 years, and for shelling out $60 on a blatant cash grab of a game.

      She ain't pretty…. she just looks that way.

      • No pricing has been announced for the two expansions. In addition, it is false that you only play as the Terrans in the campaign. There is a side-storyline where you play as the Protoss for four missions, the last of which is the most epic mission in the entire game and grants you access to the full Protoss arsenal and unit roster. A token gesture, perhaps, but it does equip you better for playing as the Terrans and Protoss in multiplayer (you also have access to the full Zerg roster in multiplayer and skirmish).

        None of the original features and capabilities have been scaled back, aside from the loss of LAN, which is indeed regrettable. The Terran unit roster is much larger than the original game with many more abilities. The research and engineering sections are new additions to the game, as is the between-mission RPG element, which is extensive and adds a good couple of hours to the gameplay by itself. Much more in the way of features and function has been added to the game than removed. Playing time for the game overall should be considerably longer than the original.

        The only thing lacking from the game is any kind of Zerg single-player, story-driven campaign experience (although you can play them in skirmish and MP). This is for story purposes. The game's conceit is that you are Jim Raynor and the game unfolds from your POV, with a Protoss memory crystal used allowing you to relive some events from Zeratul's POV. No similar mechanism was included for the Zerg.

        If you want to say that the game is incomplete until you get the as-yet-unpriced expansions, then that is certainly a viable viewpoint (although SC2's ending is not a cliffhanger and does not require immediate resolution, similar to the original's) but then you must also concede that STARCRAFT was not a complete game either, and you had to shell out $100-odd for the complete experience involving the original game and BROOD WAR together.

        As it stands, STARCRAFT II has had more money poured into it than any other strategy game ever made, has more content than most and is far longer and more varied than any of its competitors. Calling it a cash-grab is ridiculously inaccurate, and leads me to suspect that you have not played and completed the game.

  • Nightingale

    By only one playable race they mean that only terran race is playable in single plyer. All three races are playable, in multiplayer, yet the story focuses on terran race (human race basically) and includes 29+ missions. Original, starcraft 1, included 30 on relase, so thats not bad at all. I think the price is justified. Two more expansions are planned so it is actually going to be about 90 missions in total. (with 2 added races)

    Besides Blizzard (the game developer) has made a great job to make missions as varied and intresting as possible so 'only one playable race OMG, original had three' is no argument.

  • Vord

    I played it until 3.40am the first day, finished the campaign, and to describe it in a word – epic!


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