Starcraft 2: PC Review Embargo Update

By Alan Ng - Jul 27, 2010

Today is a momentous occasion for Starcraft fans. After 12 years of waiting, Blizzard finally opened the doors on the global release of Starcraft II. As most of you will be aware, reviews are not up for the game yet, we have a few details on when you can expect them.

As reported from VG247, Blizzard are holding on to the review embargo until a later date, as they want everyone to enjoy the full features of at the same time.

VG247 is reporting that reviews may go up for the game at the end of this week, at the earliest. If you search for reviews now, you’ll most likely just find first impressions of the game.

Have you downloaded it already? Let us know what you think of it so far. Once the reviews go live, we’ll be bringing you a review round-up so you can check out all the scores.

You know Starcraft II is gonna break records.

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  • I also noticed that SCII has very little high level changes/improvements compared to SC and WarCraft III.

    Sure the graphical face up-lift and mission construction is nice, but 12 years…

  • Marmaduke

    It's an excellent game, but they've made virtually no changes to the interface. It plays like Starcraft 1, but with new units. I'm sure they could have done something to streamline things. Compared to Company of Heroes the game just seems dated.

  • Chris Ballantyne

    I've played 8 missions and it is all very slick. The single player game is extremely immersive, fun, and challenging. Easy to learn and I know will take some time to master. So much so that I'm not even thinking about playing multiplayer until I get better aquainted with the tech trees and other nuances of the game. Call me chicken, but hey it's what I am.

    Overall , worth the wait!!!!

  • This is gonna be huge!