Sony PS3 Firmware Update v3.41: Download now – Full details

By Alan Ng - Jul 27, 2010

Good news for PS3 owners now, as we can confirm that Sony has just released Firmware Update v3.41 on the console. It is available next time you sign into friends. We have details on what is new within the update.

As reported from TheGamerAccess, the update isn’t really billed as a major one, as the only notable improvement, is an update to the Playstation Store.

Next time you try to access it, you’ll now be greeted with a “You May Like” section. This new menu will display Playstation Store items which are popular with other PSN users. If a certain game sells well on the store, you may find it appear on the You May Like section.

Hopefully, Sony has added some other functionality to the console, otherwise – it’s a pretty boring update. Have you noticed any changes after updating that you feel we should know about? Leave us a comment!

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  • shobobla

    lets ya jailbreak!

  • Ville

    ****ed up my PS3 to. cant play all games anymore. and there is seems not to be any support in Sweden. DAMN SONY!

  • jake wiseman

    it fucked up my ps3 the stupid update

  • Mark

    It's a patch style download, 32MB and took about 20 seconds to install. Nice…