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Nokia N8: Vodafone UK Release Date – Coming Soon

Yesterday we revealed that the Symbian^3-based Nokia N8 was soon to be released on T-Mobile UK, now Vodafone UK have the smartphone listed in the coming soon section of their website.

No solid release date is known at present, however if you check out this link you can register your interest in the Vodafone Nokia N8, once registered you should receive release and pricing information via email.

The N8 will probably prove to be a popular addition to Vodafone’s offerings, especially as it features a 12 megapixel camera which uses Carl Zeiss optics, lets just hope that the Symbian^3 operating system doesn’t let it down.

As we hear more information regarding a solid release date and price details for the N8 we will keep you posted.

What carrier will you choose Vodafone UK or T-Mobile UK?



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