Next Generation Terrafugia Transition: Flying Car Improvements

Last month we covered a number of stories about the Terrafugia Transition flying car. We can now tell you that spec details and new renders are available for the next generation of the “Roadable Aircraft” and offers a vast number of improvements.

While the team were involved in driving and flight tests they then used that data to understand what improvements were needed. A number of different technologies have been used to come up with what is said to be safer and better-looking LSA.

In a few years time there will be a number of LSAs on the road and in the air – the team behind the Terrafugia Transition believe that theirs will be the safest as it will be able to drive and fly in a number of weather conditions.

Some of the new features include a touchscreen interface, improved folding-wing mechanism, more powerful propeller, rear wheel drive for better road control and much more. For more details and a full list of improvements read the press release that has been made available to Engadget



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