Madden NFL 11 Demo: Xbox 360, PS3 Release Time – Updates from Twitter

By Alan Ng - Jul 27, 2010

As most Madden fans will be aware, today is the day when the demo for Madden 11 finally gets it’s release. It will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Store later on today – Are you ready for it?

As with other updates, the store isn’t usually updated at a specific time, although during the afternoon is probably a good bet on when to start refreshing the store or marketplace for updates.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can find out the exact moment when the demo goes live, by heading to this page here from Google. It will list all the relevant results on Twitter about the demo for Madden 11, so you’ll be able to download it the moment it goes live from EA.

For details on the demo itself, head to our previous report here. Are you planning to pick up the full game on August 10th?

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  • grimace

    Madden 11 is the worst football game of all time.I would rather play 10 yard fight than play this overrated,stale,animation locked crap game.When will people ever learn that EA sports just isn't very good at what they do?They're chronic underachievers.

  • steve

    do u have to do anything in order to 'refresh' ps store, or wil it automatically do it for you and the demo will just be on there???

  • RYAN


  • dan


  • dan


  • Robbie

    Is it out yet?

  • Jhenny

    what is the exact time of releasing it?? Check out the promo's of denphil here

  • Jbles02

    WTF! Why didnt tha madden demo come out at midnight??? Well whens it coming out. Time PLZ!

  • Caleb G

    was hoping it would release at midnight but no 🙁 so…………….guess i'll go to bed now, it better be there when i wake up or i'm punching something (or someone) LOL