Dell Streak: AT&T Release Likely – T-Mobile Unlikely

By Jamie Pert - Jul 27, 2010

Dell has recently confirmed that when the Streak hits the U.S. market it is only certified for AT&T, not only this but T-Mobile USA’s 3G network is not supported.

To me this pretty much guarantees that an AT&T release is imminent and a T-Mobile USA release is unlikely, lets face it who is going to want a Streak without high-speed data connectivity (ignoring WiFi).

Still, solid release details are strangely quiet, which is obviously frustrating a lot of potential customers, however if you check out SlashGears recent article you can see a video showing why the Streak is worth waiting for.

We have embedded this video below, and I must say the device looks very impressive, especially with its live wallpapers, fast performance and super-clear display.

At the end of this video there is also talk of a release date for the cherry red Streak, apparently this will arrive shortly after the carbon black model becomes available, however when this will be is still a mystery.

Source: SlashGear

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