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Dell Streak: AT&T Release Likely – T-Mobile Unlikely

Dell has recently confirmed that when the Streak hits the U.S. market it is only certified for AT&T, not only this but T-Mobile USA’s 3G network is not supported.

To me this pretty much guarantees that an AT&T release is imminent and a T-Mobile USA release is unlikely, lets face it who is going to want a Streak without high-speed data connectivity (ignoring WiFi).

Still, solid release details are strangely quiet, which is obviously frustrating a lot of potential customers, however if you check out SlashGears recent article you can see a video showing why the Streak is worth waiting for.

We have embedded this video below, and I must say the device looks very impressive, especially with its live wallpapers, fast performance and super-clear display.

At the end of this video there is also talk of a release date for the cherry red Streak, apparently this will arrive shortly after the carbon black model becomes available, however when this will be is still a mystery.

Source: SlashGear


  • AkShiz

    Just bought this two days ago and its running this ridiculous 1.6, but I guess they have 2.2 coming out in3 days for att! Yes! Yes! and more yes! That’s what she said.

  • gadgetsage

    Att? So it won’t work on TMOBILEs network, and it won’t work on ATTs either… a la iPhone. .. has clustereffup headed yer way at 59 seconds a minute written all over it… best just to give the whole thing a wide berth…

  • Prasanjit Chaudhuri

    I am so damn sure that dell has lost on millions of dollars sales this year by kicking their own *** and hitting their own heads to the walls. They have lost all TMobile customers. I know atleast 100 friends who wanted the dell streak including me. But looks like Dell does not know the actual target audience. Dells marketing team sucks as they should have trusted the market survey and should have atleast kept the option open for TMobile customers by providing unlocked phones that supported TMobiles 3G network. That being said, i am not even sure that Dell did any market survey. POOR Marketing guys. To challenge Apple's Iphone the best strategy is to shake hands with AT&T's competitor and not get into AT&T to play the game. I dont see why would AT&T customers leave iphone and go to Dell Streak. All features are same between the 2 phones. Even iphone is cheaper than the Dell Streak. If i were an AT&T customer, i would never ever get rid of iphone to get a Dell Streak. Anyways, i hope someone from the Dell's mgmt who has brains and decision making abilities reading this. I am MBA in marketing, get me on board and i will improve your marketing strategies.

  • MadFred

    I am a hardcore Windows Mobile user for my smart phones, however, just as it seemed there was one phone which could pull me away from Microsoft and my wait for Phone 7, Dell went and screwed it all up. I'm not one of those people who wait in line at mid-night for a movie or new video game, but I was willing to wait a week without information for the Dell Streak, but I've had more than enough of looking day after day – Dell good luck with your phone, fire the presss team and get a grip on how to release a product.

  • Gonno

    I've been waiting for the Streak since January. I'm a TMO customer, and everything pointed to at least being able to USE this on TMO. I was willing to toss down up to 700 bucks for an unlocked version to use on TMO. After the debacle this week, I just decided enough was enough. I switched to Sprint and went with the EVO. At least now I actually have a phone that works. by keeping everything so secretive with this, Dell has really turned off quite a few of it's customers. And in a posting on their site, Dell has said that they don't even plan on working on the streak to enable it to use TMO 3G.

    Horrid business practices for this phone. Even though I wanted it badly, I don't want it badly enough to be raked over hot coals for it.

  • Wow. Dell is shooting itself in the foot. They need to get the release date straight. All this messing around is turning me off to actually purchasing this product.

  • Markus

    I hope the FCC stop madness – there should be a rule that all the devices need to work on all the networks (at least GSM) – I want it for T-Mobile too

  • amtay

    I still want it, even if i can't use it on 3G since i'm with Tmo…

  • nick

    will it works on t mobile 2g or E network ?

    • Jamie Pert

      Yeah works on 2G and EDGE, but not 3G

  • Quad

    What happened to unlocked from ?
    Doesnt that mean it will work on T Mobile too ?

  • pfmdesigner

    Why does Verizon keep getting skipped?


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