Apple Store Down: New products coming

Yesterday we reported that Apple could be launching a range of new products, and the rumors seem to be right. We thought that we would visit the Apple web store, but it is down – the usual message reads, “Well be back soon.”

Apple has been updating their range at a much faster pace of late, what those hardware updates are is anyone’s guess, but we gave you a few ideas earlier today. Let us take a little look at what we can expect to see once the Apple Store goes live again.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber was the original source, and who has the best idea of what to expect. We should expect to see an update to the MacBook Pro, the iMac range, a new Magic Trackpad and a 27-inch Cinema Display.

This is all the information that we have so far; we will give you more details once the Apple Stores comes back up.


  • Raizen

    I think Apple is updating the iPod Touch… it’ll be like iPhone 4…


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