Apple Magic Trackpad Price: Now shipping

By Peter Chubb - Jul 27, 2010

We reported in an earlier post that Apple was to release a few more products to their lineup, we can now tell you that the store is now back up and one of the first devices is the Magic Trackpad. We had an idea that the Multi-Touch trackpad was coming, but did not realize that it would be this soon.

The small device will work with your Mac desktop computer and uses the same touch technology as your MacBook pro uses. You can use a complete set of gestures to command your computer, such as pinch and zoom, swiping through pages and scrolling.

The Apple Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac desktop via Bluetooth, just like the keyboard. You can see that Apple has designed the Trackpad to match the keyboard, and have to say that I like the design a lot. For more details visit the Apple Store

The price you pay is $69.00 and will ship within 24 hours. Will you use this in place of a mouse or in conjunction?

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