2011 Ford Explorer: Hands-on Video Review

By Alan Ng - Jul 27, 2010

It has been a few hours since the 2011 Ford Explorer was finally unveiled to the world. If you missed it, we have a great video for you to watch now, giving you another close-up look at the new model, both on the inside and outside.

As reported from TFLCar, the new Ford Explorer is a unibody, front wheel drive model, which has support for a 4-wheel drive (4WD) system with no traditional locking differential.

Instead of a V8, the 2011 Ford Explorer will be offered with a 4-Cylinder, but it is still posssible to get a V6 for 4-wheel drive. With enough space for 6-7 people, it is definitely one for the family.

The video below gives us a great look inside the car, at some of the new features such as voice control. You get an introduction to the new model from members of Ford, while there is also a demo which shows the seats going down in the back.

What are your first impressions of the 2011 Ford Explorer? Check out the video below.

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  • ohn

    Yep. I am relocating to the US in 2011 and I *preordered* one of these. Currently I have an X5 in Australia – and this pitches in that ballpark to me. We have 3 boys and my wife and I are both over 6 foot, so a bigger car with varied capability is ideal for us. The X5 has no load space but drives great – my other option was a range rover – but hard to get in 7 seats. Toyotas are reliable, but ugly inside & out. This really impressed me.

  • Jeff

    Looks like a perfect mix to me. The best of all worlds. I recently bought a Subaru Forrester. I wish this was out when I got mine. I would have bought this instead. Ford has been really coming on strong in recent years.

  • Sarah Bellum

    @Fordowner " when the crossover insanity is finished and people move on with their lives, Ford will learn the hard way"
    Do you really think so? I've always driven Fords. And Explorers. I live in the NE where we also get weather extremes. I'm on a dirt road. This model is very appealing to me….I will NEVER drive a sedan…it won't work for my family or lifestyle. The Explorer felt too big and the Freestyle seemed to "girly". Edge is cute, but I need more passenger space. Some of us want to get where we need to go for less MPG! I don't think crossovers are done.

  • Fordowner

    This is really sad. I own both a unibody Escape and a 2003 Explorer. I have own several Explorers over the years. My first one I ran until the tranny gave out at 210,000 miles. Awesome vehicle. I live where we have deep snow and flash floods. There is NO substitute for a REAL SUV. Love Ford vehicles and when the crossover insanity is finished and people move on with their lives, Ford will learn the hard way.