White iPhone 4: Release Date Update – End of September?

By Alan Ng - Jul 26, 2010

We have an update regarding the highly sought after release date for Apple’s delayed white iPhone 4 device. An article by Business Week predicts that the white version will be available some time in September.

As Business Week reports, the announced date of 30th September, for when the company’s free iPhone 4 bumper deal ends, is thought to be closely linked with the release of the white iPhone 4.

Business Week predicts that the white version will be available to buy closer towards, or even on this date – so it may well be worth making a note of. They also believe that the 30th September date may be the time when Apple decides that they are not obligated to address any antenna issues any more.

What are your thoughts on this? Read the full article over at BW and then let us know if you think the release of the white iPhone 4 has anything to do with Apple’s iPhone 4 bumper program ending or not.

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  • Gman

    Not certain why any Apple hating Droid boy bothers to open their mouth (or ergo keyboards).  It’s like the owner of a 1968 Fiat complaining about the small backseat in the 68 Corvette, the one he’s never even say in!!!

     The Google design is a blunt ripoff, its as original as Windows 7’s Glossy transparent png buttons and “Gadgets” (courtesy OS X 10.1) the interface is a poor excuse of a ripoff (rounded square icons, come on!), even the name “Droid” is a ripoff from 1970’s Lucasfilm… Im surprised there wasn’t a lawsuit.  Other manufacturers had plenty of time (15-20 years) to develop kick ass phones but they sat idle till Apple upped the game and paved the road so as to not get their pricey R&D wheels dirty. Microsoft has been doing it to Apple for 30+ years so it’s a trend that ol Steve Jobs is used to. Apple elaborated on the IBM concept of the UI and invented computers as we know em… Motorola, Nokia definitely paved the way for mobile devices but it took Apple to make them exciting. The bedt thing out up till then was the Palm Treo… Enuf complaining about Apple prices. You get what you pay for. I know atleast 15 iPhone 4 owners (new and repeat owners), some even jailbroken since they are too cheap to spy for apps. No one had any problems,  complaints, no one returned the phone, no one dropped a call! It was all Engadget/Gizmodo hype cause they got in trouble for the possession of stolen property. Sounds like the biggest “look yonder” cover-up I’ve ever heard of. We certainly haven’t seen stolen Samsung’s stir up any interest in the media. And then Apple gets critisized by some ignoramus on this post for  making good on free cases.   What ever happened to the 57 flavors of Droid hardware that are also having  antennagate issues getting cases?? Probably none available yet because like Dell, Asus, or HP, there are no design standards to match them up to…

    If you want to predict the future of MS & Droid just stay tuned to the next Apple event in Janruary 2011… Watch the event and hate-blog shamefully  on your sub-par RIPOFF device. Pony up for quality or look like the horses ass!!

  • lokienloki

    depends on your perception

  • E

    I laugh when I hear people talking about e

    iPhone 4 issues. I have one and I

    Have to say it is the best phone out there. No body is talking about the incredible screen, the speed and functionality on this phone is really impressive. What about face time? (Free video calls with my family) oh and is the best looking phone as well…

  • gtytrg

    youre a shit

  • AntiApple

    So yeah my name says it all, however.

    cerver7 – Do you not think that it is totally ridiculous if every other phone had issues at the time of release to release another? makes them look kinda stupid and cashing in on the early buck.

    Also – famous and paps, that is the most stupid comment I have ever read, what is the definition of fame? you have to have paps after you if you want to become famous, otherwise your mysterious

    And then free cases, erm think that's pretty much standard they released an overpriced phone that had issues.

    And then finally what other phones have these issues about death grip or are these all apple phones?

    I am a galaxy S owner, I pay 40% less on my bills, not outlay with the phone on a shorter duration and have better hardware, bigger screen, more vivid colour and overall IMO a better valued product.

    Apple are great at software and marketing, they didn't do anything special with the iPod, it was actually a rip of some one elses idea, so they put a harddrive in a box and some software and charge a outrageous price tag and because of patents everyone forks out top dolla.

    Watch by the time apple if done with the iPhone 4 Android will have an apps market just as big, phones will still be cheaper and apple will have to do something much bigger to actually impress any one -who still has a 3GS with a long time to go??

    waiting for the retaliation!


    • Ray

      Dude, if your saying apple rip-offed some1s idea for the ipod, what does that make of every phone manufacturer right now making touch screen smart phones? Including your galaxy S which imo, shares an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone's home layout.

      I duno the specs on your galaxy S but i do know one thing, brand and marketing trumps above all else. You pioneer a product, you establish a brand name, you create a culture, you command the prices. It's universal. The fact that the galaxy S has better hardware is irrelevant. The simple matter of fact is that Samsung is the inferior brand compared with Apple in terms of mobile phones. It doesn't matter if the Samsung has marginally better hardware, if it were priced on par with the iphone nobody would buy it. Apple charge high prices because they can.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm no apple fanboy but the iPhone4 is simply aesthetically beautiful if nothing else. Apple will no doubt continue to sell its brand name as a kind of tech fashion, and with its already established name it will be just that much easier to pull customers in the future. Sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but apple's here to stay. Ride the trend or get left behind ;).


    Yeah sure, then on Sept 30th, they'd announce that the white will be available next yr Apple has some issues about delaying why are they ignoring white version? NEVER EVER GONNA COME OUT

  • Henry

    I Heard Apple is going to fix the antenna problems on the white iPhone 4.

    Can't Wait Til' It Comes Out!

  • sue

    just when i had finally been convinced that Iphone4 was the way to go (to avoid android possible virus possible with other smart phones), now i find out what i want ISNT available, not in white at least. Waiting is boring.

  • Jackie

    I have had the first Iphone and then the 3G and I bought the 4…I didn't have the problem with either of the first ones and definitely did with the 4…and it wasnt' just a matter of the bars dropping…I couldn't even get out a call from our local grocery store when I always had with the first two iphones. I am not a case fan either and I really want the new one, but I sent it back with the issues. If Apple fixes it with a "real" fix, I will most positively buy the new 4.

  • Beau

    I’m extra excited abt the white iPhone 4.!

    I have a white 3GS =] I juss really

    Hope it hurry and comes out asap

    So I can show my phone off!!!

    Woot Woot IPhone Team #win

  • Jc21

    u know ima guy myself. and my friends always ask me why i like the white iphone instead of the black? well first of all i think the white one is clean as hell and i heard they are gonna fix the antenna problem on this one instead of the black one.. and im not really a case fan.. i like to showoff my phone lol.. but either than that im really excited for it.. it needs to come out like now !!

  • Here's the real reason why Apple is having problems releasing the white version. http://2su.de/p0Z

    • cerver7

      thats no explanation, its just hear say nonsense.

    • lokienloki

      Fixed Link Ninagosaimas: http://bit.ly/bvbzjC

  • Another setback once again for Apple it will be interesting to see what's next in the news regarding iPhone issues (antenna, manufacturing and now service charges) and their steps to refund cases won’t make up for the iPhone 4's lack of function over form.

    It's a shame to see so many issues with the iPhone 4 after so many people waited for it's release. What's more of a shame is that it seems Apple knew about some of these issues already, such as the problem with reception.

    But Apple have created such a loyal following that people may just put up with what issues there are for the sake of owning the latest Apple product.
    Personally, I'd be happier with an older iPhone – at least then the issues are all ironed out.

    However, it's also interesting to see how much excitement new technologies can bring. New technology and innovation is important for new business, illustrated by entrepreneurship grants and new business competitions like http://www.ukesnc.com.

    Guess it's not all bad!

    • the funny part is, that apple has had issues with every phone, not just the 4th gen. every phone had issues, all were worked out. the reason for so much criticism now is the fact that this device IS the most popular, so it will get the MOST criticism. Just as the most famous stars get the most paparazzi.

      I also saw a video from apple that tested 5 phones, not just iphone and they ALL had the dropping bars issue when held on the left side. I also tested my 3G and my 3GS and they too had it.

      Its people like you that seem to hate on apple and everything that they do. No one is perfect and not only does apple fix every software flaw that they find but they add community dev'd apps like FOLDERS and MULTITASKING. They also give away free case even though other phones do the same damn thing.

      call my a fanboy, idc, but you just keep sitting back drinking your hate-or-aide while i stare at my retina display and facetime with my associates. GG

      • lokienloki

        The main reason why this delay is happening is because apple is making sure that when the white version arrive. It won't have any antennagate issue. White iPhone 4 Impressions.

    • Jake

      What is really funny is how people think Apple is having "issues" with the iPhone 4. If you owned one, you'd know that any "issues" are completely blown out of proportion and the phone is great. I have yet to drop one call.

      You'd think Apple was going to discontinue the iPhone product line with the way people are talking, and yet you still can't get your hands on a iP4 for 3 weeks at the soonest. The media really has control over what people perceive as fact. Go try one out for yourself. Its the best phone on the market.

      • iphoneperson

        I have the iphone for, i havnt had one issue. Not one.

        • jac

          i havent had problems with it eather people just need somthing to complain about

      • Carrie

        where do you live?

    • brian

      u wrote an essay, where's ur conclusion?