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Verizon iPhone 4: Game Over for Droid Phones?

What are your thoughts on the inevitable release of the iPhone on Verizon Wireless? We still might be a year away from a release, but we have an article for you to read now, which suggests that a release could spell the end for Verizon’s Droid-branded smartphones.

This report from Beatweek, suggests that Verizon are fighting a losing battle with their Droid phones after investing a lot of money into them, and believes that only an iPhone release on Big Red will turn their fortunes around.

They quote a recent CNN study that 4 out of 5 Android users have no plans to buy another Android handset after their current one, which would be ‘game over’ according to them.

However, I can’t really see this happening. The Motorola Droid X has been a huge success for Verizon, and I’m pretty sure the Droid 2 will exceed sales expectations as well. I don’t think that the introduction of the iPhone on Verizon will spell the end for Verizon’s Droid brand.

Thanks to handsets like the Droid, Droid Incredible and Droid X, Verizon has now built up a strong following and I can definitely see a shared divide between Droid owners and iPhone owners on Verizon.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that it is ‘game over’ for Droid phones once the iPhone is available on Verizon?


  • William

    Who cares about i phones anymore .. Once upon a time when Verizon had crappy phones we craved the i phone but thanks to Android we no longer even care …

  • RandomGuy

    Oh yeah? I don't even have a cell phone, HA!

  • Juan

    All of you are idiots, fighting over who has the best phone. Get a life!!!!!!

    • shweet

      At least in this country we have the freedom to fight over who has the best phone and have many phones to choose from. Go back to Mexico and see if you can get the same variety there, or if people can even afford a phone that costs as much as their house.

  • Drake

    I think the iphone is a great device but the Android platform has multiple phones that compete well and are even better in many categories. The Sprint EVO, the Verizon Incredible and Droid X are worthy competetors. If people would just listen to the real tech folks they would know this. The lastest build of the Android O.S. 2.2 (Froyo) witht the JIT compiler smokes the iPHone!!!!!

  • Mark

    I have to agree with Ric, Beatweek may as well have their lips sewn to Steve Jobs' butt. They are nothing more then a bunch a cheerleaders for Apple products.

  • ric

    A "report" from Beatweek!? Beatweek is the most ridiculous apple fanboy site out there – it's not a "report", its an "opinion", from a guy who regularly predicts Google's downfall no less. Please, check your sources for credit-worthiness!

  • Whip

    Ok first, I have to know–who is actually answering these questionnaires and surveys? Apple employees? Those absent-minded teenagers and yuppies who have been hypnotized by the constant barrage of iBlow commercials and psuedohype?

    Well they sure didn’t ask me, and I want you all to know that MY NEXT PHONE WILL BE A DROID!

    I really don’t understand how such a great phone could be rated so low. Is it the “grass is always greener on the other side” ideology that is making people turn on Droid? Soon they will realize not only was the grass green, but it grows much more quickly over here. It can because there are several phone manufacturers making different phones to suit different needs. We are not a one size fits all mobile community. Thankfully Droid gives us the freedom of choice and I can feel like an individual and not just some lame cult member.

    Posted with my Droid Incredible

    And when I’m done I’m going to put in a fresh battery… because I can.

    • You're probably replacing the battery because you have to, not because you can. Droid batteries are a joke and they don't last the whole day. Have fun with the 20 random apps running in the background, eating your battery life. (And before you call me an Apple fanboy, I have an Incredible. It's a piece and a joke.)

      • Whip

        Perfect example of a spoonfed iSheep user. You obviously don’t know anything about your alleged Incredible. Not even enough to keep programs from running in the background which is simple for most people with a thought running through their brain. Though, since most iCrap users rely on others telling them what to do its no suprise to me that you are clueless in how to operate a phone like the Incredible.

        As far as my swapping out batteries comment, no its something I can do, and not something I am forced to do. And if I use my phone all day obviously my battery is going to lose charge by midnight. Any device would, fanboy.

        • acheron

          I agree. Iphone is a piece of crap. If you want the gaming capacity, just buy an itouch

      • Gina

        I have the HTC Evo (personal) IPhone 4 ( company supplied) I was so excited to get the IPhone as I am a tech junkie and truly wanted to make own decision as to which os would be my top contender. I have to say Droid wins hands down for me. My Evo is much faster, better features and I love everything about the Droid os. In my opion the Evo with sprints unlimited plans can’t be beat. I am so excited for the release of the Motorola Droid tablet, I will soon be selling my IPad. I have every cell phone that has been a top contender, from palm os to windows, blackberry, iPhone. Droid has it all. Love, Love, Love my EVO, started my Droid venture with the HTC Evo which also was a pretty good phone. The android os is here to stay and will only get better.

  • greg

    I am currently a Droid 1 owner that is extremely happy with my android phone and would NT consider another OS. I did find that original beatweek post and was supprised. To see thy they had already closed all the comments. I am currious to actually see the CNN survey because I was unable to find it on their website or any other news article about the sudden disinterest on the OS.

  • anonymous

    What is Android’s competition?

    Windows Phone = Crap

    Palm = Dead

    Blackberry = Confusing

    You are releasing a mediocre operating system into a pile of crap, of course people are going to go mediocre if they can’t do the iPhone.

    Its funny, the iPhone has the only GOOD operating system. I haven’t found an iPhone user who doesn’t like the actual phone operating system.

    • 2477

      The iPhone OS is not customizable in the least. Some people would prefer something other than a brick of icons leading to applications. On android phones you have the option of having a similar layout, or you could choose to do something completely different—absolute simplicity isn't for everyone. But to say that a very locked-down OS is better than one that gives you freedom and equal functionality is objectively better is ridiculous

  • true

    verizon hates color people i know they dis my people watch r greek i was wrking 2nd & erie av in pa

    • whip

      and I don’t like you either. Learn to talk right

  • anon

    I was a Cingular customer that held off on the original iphone and got the 3g when it came out. Love the phone but dropped calls and delayed sms & vm are ongoing problems seemingly unaddressed. Therefore I'm migrating to Verizon and trying to decide between Motorola and HTC. Both the X and Incredible seem serviceable, as long as I receive and maintain calls it'll be an improvement.

    • Droid X is a huge phone. I have the original droid and it's amazing especially with the qwerty keypad which makes texting a breeze. If I were you I would wait until the Droid 2 comes out next month. It iwll have a better keypad and better camera as well as a better screen. And I have never ever lost a call with Verizon.

      • William

        man you kidding the driod x is the perfect phone ..

  • Nightowl

    "…recent study…4 out of 5" ??? I don't think so. And I'm an iPhone owner. I can't believe you even printed that here. But I can believe CNN would…they're barely a news network anymore.

    I'm actually of the mind that Apple will never make a CDMA iPhone. That would mean making the same handset based on two different technologies. But that just doesn't seem very Apple'ish given that Apple has always liked keeping things neat and simple. Plus they've been bashing Verizon's current flagship…that can't make them too happy.

  • anonymous

    You can't beat the simplicity and ease of use of the iPhone, specs or not. I know first hand that a large portion of Android's base are people unwilling or unable to switch carriers solely for the iPhone. Sure there will be stragglers and fan-boys, but a Verizon iPhone will end the Droid frenzy, and possibly spell the platform's doom, especially if Verizon jumps ship from Android and pushes iOS.

  • 2477

    That's utterly ridiculous. Considering the rapid development of Android-based phones—Motorola's supposed releasing of a Droid with a 2 GHz processor by the end of the year—compared to the slow, nearly stagnant iPhone development, to say the "death" of the Droid could be approaching is completely retarded. Of course some will be swayed by clever advertising or whatever, but a great number of people will still choose the better phones—especially if the newer Droids have higher-resolution screens and better cameras, which really are the only things the iPhone has that are superior.

    • anonymous

      When are people going to realize that numbers don't make the device, look at the droid 8MP camera vs the iPhone 5MP. iPhone wins.

      • 2477

        You misinterpreted my statement. I said that the iPhone's superior camera is one of the only two things the phone has over the Droids. People will choose the superior phones with the superior interface.

        • Ryan

          the only reason people by droids is because people dont want to switch over to at&t. i love verizon but sadly i do not like the android OS so am going to switch to the shitty ass at&t network to get the phone like being the Iphone 4.

  • i think ima stick with android … im over iphone now


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