Street Fighter X Tekken: Release Date Update for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Jul 26, 2010

For those of you who are wondering when the recently announced Street Fighter X Tekken title will be out on the Xbox 360 and PS3, we have an update for you now, from Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono.

As reported from VG247, Ono confirmed when speaking to Japanese magazine Famitsu, that the game will not be out for at least another two years.

This of course means that we won’t see a console release until sometime in 2012. Ono also revealed that the Comic Con reveal was ‘for the fans’, and we won’t be hearing any more details on the game, until Captivate 2011 at the earliest.

At least we managed to see some early gameplay from the title. You can watch the official trailer and gamplay video here. We also asked you for your character wish lists earlier – have you made your mind up yet?

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    for got to add soul calibur to that list


    they should make the ultimate fighting game that will forever be the best fihgting game to ever to come out and would never be able to be top and that is take every fighter from mortal kombat,street fighter,x men tekken,and snk now that would be an amazing game that every real gamer will at any cost have to have.I would pay $250.00 or what ever the cost to have this game.and in arcade mode the ending boss got to be a BEAST!!!!!!


    this game is looks pretty amazing for 2d action and also a 3d enivorment….

  • monevue

    may next time you guy should make streetfighter vs tekken vs soul calibur it will be tight hahh so all the bruce lee wannabe will be fight…. like fei-long, forest/marshall law, max fight hahaha

  • monevue

    umm heihachi vs akuma or bison

  • monevue

    evil ryu and evil jin thats will be best fight
    evil ken and evil kazuya

  • monevue

    OMG!!! just imagine gouken and jinpachi fight

    regular jinpachi not evil jinpachi like tekken 5

  • JoLLy

    imagine fei long vs law OMG!

  • imran qureshi

    i want dudley,sean,q,alex,fei.long,area,garuda,remy,kairi,skullomania,ryu,ken,juri,cammy and in sfxtekken.

  • jpkaramanolis

    can you add all street fighter and tekken will be the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jpkaramanolis

    gon,ogre,true ogre,mokujin,combot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harry

    wats d rease date ,, will it come out on pc,,?

  • Dishon

    and they better bring jun and jinpachi in too

  • Dishon

    alex juri ken yun yang and charlie for sure

  • mathew

    evil ryu and evil ken

  • Harry Bhatoa

    Evil Ryu

  • Johan

    nice game Release Date on ps3 ???

  • Haha, you can't be serious..!?

    Then again, If Capcom can put Amaterasu into MvC3, then why not put Gon into this…might as well put Roger and Alex in there too!!

  • mike