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Starcraft 2: Review of pre-order sales

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty will be released tomorrow, but looking at a review of early pre-order sales figures the game is looking in good shape. According to VGChartz the sequel has shifted almost 800,000 copies of the game, which shows that it could be every bit as popular as the first game.

The original Starcraft was launched back in 1998 and in that time has sold more than 11 million units, so you can see why this is one of the most anticipated games for the PC. VGChartz has done a sales forecast and expects one-week worldwide sales to be over two million.

The most popular country in sales is expected to be South Korea; over 5 million copies of the original Starcraft game were sold there. The game will not only be available for PC but for video consoles as well is certain to prove popular and as we are in an age where computers and the Ineternet is much faster than it was 12 years ago – this will certainly help bump up sales figures.

Hopefully by next week we will have some Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty sales figures to offer you, in the mean time please feel free to offer us a review of the game once you take procession of your copy. View a trailer of the game here



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