Starcraft 2: Review of pre-order sales

By Peter Chubb - Jul 28, 2010

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty will be released tomorrow, but looking at a review of early pre-order sales figures the game is looking in good shape. According to VGChartz the sequel has shifted almost 800,000 copies of the game, which shows that it could be every bit as popular as the first game.

The original Starcraft was launched back in 1998 and in that time has sold more than 11 million units, so you can see why this is one of the most anticipated games for the PC. VGChartz has done a sales forecast and expects one-week worldwide sales to be over two million.

The most popular country in sales is expected to be South Korea; over 5 million copies of the original Starcraft game were sold there. The game will not only be available for PC but for video consoles as well is certain to prove popular and as we are in an age where computers and the Ineternet is much faster than it was 12 years ago – this will certainly help bump up sales figures.

Hopefully by next week we will have some Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty sales figures to offer you, in the mean time please feel free to offer us a review of the game once you take procession of your copy. View a trailer of the game here

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  • I hate activision

    It’s a little something called ACTIVISION people. Blizzard merged with Activision leading to a publishing deal. Blizzard doesn’t control the prices, the publishing, or the copyright protection tools and shit. They make the game that’s it. The rest is Activision. They tell blizzard “hey we don’t want them playing over LAN using on copy” blizzard has to listen. Activision is a greedy whore company that ruined every good franchise they own aka COD.

  • witnessofwitlessness

    Fans of the original Starcraft who embraced and appreciated features like the ability to play the game via LAN with friends, or the ability to bring their copy of the game over and play in "Spawn" mode (where others could all play with you, even without owning their own copy), or who thoroughly enjoyed playing through the game as Human, then Zerg, and finally as Protoss… well for all of THOSE types of fans, you're in for a HELLUVA disappointment.
    None of the above mentioned are included in Starcraft 2.
    The good news for fans of the first Starcraft is that the game is pretty much exactly like the original game in most other ways – except with better graphics and sound.
    The game DOES have a new beefed up copy protection scheme that requires validation through battlenet (internet connection). And as previously mentioned, the only way to play multi-player is through battlenet (no LAN capability).
    The only playable race in the single player campaign is Terran (Human)… though it's been announced that the each of the other two races will be included in their own expansions (at a pop of $60USD each). By all accounts, that works out to about $180 for a game that was 12 years in the making, and is pretty much the same as the original (no new groundbreaking features or capabilities – in fact – a lot of the original features and capabilities have been scaled BACK).

    All in all – a huge disappointment. For those who have been hoping that the 12 year wait would have some sort of payoff for your patience…. perhaps if cognitive dissonance sets in, you may find yourself as one of the fanboys who raves about how much prettier it looks than its 12 year old predecessor… or you may be one of those who raves about how great it is that they haven't changed hardly anything – and you feel honored and privileged to be able to contribute your first $60 installment towards the new trilogy…

    For many others, you'll likely find yourself feeling a bit ripped off – both for having held out high hopes for the past 12 years, and for shelling out $60 on a blatant cash grab of a game.

    She ain't pretty…. she just looks that way.

    • TCB

      Totally agree with your assessment. Every single word. Well done!

    • Vermeultje

      wow your pretty sad,

      you actually played the single player campaing to the end? that alone counts as a full game, since some campaign's you play as Zeratul (aka Protoss) which are awesome lvl's especially the last one

      well lan is gone yes, but you can still play at each other's home just login to battlenet 🙂
      "(where others could all play with you, even without owning their own copy)," so your saying people should just be able to make illegal copies???

      and for playing first as human, then zerg then protoss, you will still do it but will just take 2 expansions,

      quit bitching, if you don't like it (which i doubt since it looks like you didnt play at all)
      don't play it,

      and about activision, sure they can be money hungry, but every company is that,

      and it seems logical to place copy protection on a game, most games have that now a days


    • SCFAN

      I have to agree with witnessofwitlessnes. I was disappointed when I played the game after waiting for 12 years. SC2 is the original with much better graphics. And yes their were some changes, but minor when compared to the changes between other original and sequel video games that Blizzard has put out. Shame on you Blizzard, you could have done much much better. Maybe they figured they didn't have to do better since WOW is still making them plenty of money.

  • skit

    No new features?!?!? really!!! They completely redesigned the UI, they are using a 3D engine, they have a completely new system, a completely new way to doing campaigns with a changing story line, and a global upgrading unit system, ect.
    so far they have been only working with a few thousand people beta testing the system they there are bound to be a few problems when they increase to a few million people. I’m glad that Blizzard isn't dumb enough to think that they would get it completely right the first time. With plans to fix it as they run into problems.
    The amount of info they are adding it makes since that they would break it into 3 parts.
    Blizzard is an amazing company that produces amazing games; there is a reason that they are leading the PC/Mac gaming industry. Plus the story line that they create with all the lore is nothing but epic.

  • skit

    witnessofwitlessness a company can only survive by "raking in the money" they need some way to invest in their next game. Starcraft 2 hasn't been in production for 12 years, the original release date of starcraft was March 1998 followed quickly brood war in Nov 1998, then they started working on starcraft ghost in 2002 but it didn't progress the story the way that they wanted it to so they shelved the project in 2005 and started to work on starcraft 2 (my guess) and that is a normal production time for a COMPLEATLY NEW game. Starcraft was a 2d game so not only did they have to create, animate, power balance, and integrate with the old units they also had to re-animate the old units for a COMPLEATLY DIFFERENT 3d environment.

  • guest

    To the author of this article please review your facts and spelling before posting, its just a good practice for a journalist.

    • Ody

      To the author of the above post. Please review your grammar and spelling before posting; it's just a good practice for someone complaining about spelling and grammar.

      Meaning: I agree with you.

  • witnessofwitlessness

    Blatant cash-grab. Ironic from a company that can trace it’s success to a business model that provided FREE (at the time a costly gamble) server access and support to the original Starcraft title. The model gambled on their confidence in the game, and that gamers would respond in kind. The NEW business model is designed to try and rake in as much cash as possible as a return for a 12 year project that delivered a game that is essentially the same as the original (a bit more lip gloss and blush, but there are no revolutionary or exciting changes or features).
    The company knew that they had a huge and loyal fan base from the original game that they had kept salivating for the past 12 years waiting for the sequel, but the company was also so worried about the potential for huge disappointment and poor reviews that would lead to poor sales, so they decided to shut out any possibility of independent reviews PRIOR to the sales launch… and left themselves a scape goat (they have announced that a major patch will be released within a week or so of launch) to address battlenet issues (in other words, if the game does not work properly, and receives bad reviews because of that, they can claim that those reviews were premature). All in all – nothing really addresses the fact that they are releasing a 12 year old game that has been “renovated” and broken into 3 parts in an attempt to increase sales three fold.

    • Drift

      lol, why post a message trying to troll like this so close to the release, everyone has the game now, and to put it simply… your wrong. Maybe if you posted that a few month back you could tricked some people 😛

  • collegeateraldamage

    The game is never coming out on Video Consoles but is coming out on Mac, like all Blizzard products.

  • morgan

    playing sc2 on a console game would be miserable….

  • Anyone else remember the N64 debacle that was Starcraft? I got excited about that crap, not a chance I'm getting excited about this one. Bought my PC in 06, hopfully it will still run it, otherwise have to buy a new one.

  • Bizzle

    "Blizzard doesn't do that" You forget about Starcraft on the N64?

  • unLocke

    Like everyone who already pointed out, PC and MAC only. The Dude who wrote this article is impressing false hope on console enthusiasts. Do your homework first before writing a column just to achieve views without really knowing the history of a topic. That’s as bad as spamming.

    And to whoever said, “later on consoles”. Blizzard doesn’t do that. They’re not cheap EA Sluts.

    Now believe nothing in this column. Fail.

    • Grooblaah

      But they did do that to release Starcraft on the N64…

  • Updates about SC2 about specs and it's even better!

  • sds

    It might head to consoles later next year

  • m3kw

    PC and MAC ONLY.

  • Zoot

    You’re ALL wrong – its PC and Mac.

  • psykix

    Not true – the game is on Mac also.

  • Blargfire

    “The game will not only be available for PC but for video consoles as well – this will certainly help bump up sales figures.” Not true. SC2 is a PC-only release.

  • Conrad

    Starcraft 2 is not set to appear on video consoles…only PC!

  • Blargfire

    The game will not only be available for PC but for video consoles as well – this will certainly help bump up sales figures. <—not true. The game is a PC-only release.

  • joblo

    "The game will not only be available for PC but for video consoles as well – this will certainly help bump up sales figures."

    Man people will be disappointed when they find out that it actually isn't coming out on video consoles. Shame on you.