Samsung Intensity II: $1 Smartphone Coming to Verizon

By Jamie Pert - Jul 26, 2010

According to a recent article posted on IntoMobile it seems as if a new smartphone is headed to Verizon, full details are unknown, however it seems to be a more than affordable mid-end handset.

This smartphone is called the Samsung Intensity II (SCH-U460), we can confirm that it features a full hardware side-sliding QWERTY keyboard along with a standard numeric keypad. Other mentionable specs include a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a microSD memory cad slot.

If you are interested in the Intensity II you will be able to buy it outright for just $249, alternatively if you agree a two-year deal with Verizon it will cost you just $1.

I’m sure more will be revealed over the next few days, for now be sure to check out PhoneArena for more specs.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • J-Ward

    I bought 2 of these from Best Buy on Saturday. I can confirm that there is NO requirement for a data plan. They don't have them out on display, but I asked if they had them and they sold 2 of them to me.

  • roger that

    How "smart" will it be? Will it require the $10 per month media plan or the $30 per month data plan as do full-blown smart phones?

    • Jamie Pert

      These details have not yet been revealed, therefore as we hear more we will do our utmost to keep you informed.