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PSX4Droid: PlayStation Emulator for Android – Final Fantasy VII Anyone?

These days it seems as if handheld consoles are losing out on custom thanks to imaginative developers bringing impressive games to smartphones, well it seems as if things could get worse as a working PlayStation emulator for Android has recently been developed.

This emulator is called PSX4Droid 1.0, it currently costs $5.99 and is available from the Android Market, from what we can see the app is designed to run on Android-based smartphones with a fast processor, therefore the Nexus One, Droid X, Incredible, EVO4G, Galaxy S and Desire are ideal devices.

PSX4Droid is said to offer great emulation, it supports multiple file formats including BIN, ISO, IMG, and more. Other mentionable features include virtual control overlays, Trackball Dpad andgame saving functionality. One other neat feature allows your to control games wirelessly via your WiiMote.

Obviously there were hundreds of great titles released for the PSX, however there are two games which I would love to play on a smartphone, these are Final Fantasy VII and Gran Turismo 2. You can see a screen showing FF7 running on the Galaxy S below.

What PSX games would you play on your Android smartphone?

Source: SlashGear



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