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Nokia N8: T-Mobile UK Release Date – Coming Soon

If you were to buy a high-end smartphone today you would probably look at a handset manufactured by Apple, HTC, Motorola or Samsung, however Nokia are hoping that the Nokia N8 will put them back on track in the high-end smartphone market.

At the moment a September release is still looking likely for the N8, however if you head over to the “Coming Soon” section on T-Mobile UK’s website you can see the N8, which could mean that the 12 megapixel camera touting smartphone is headed for a slightly earlier than planned release.

If you check out this link you can register your interest in the Nokia N8, once you have registered you should receive email updates when T-Mobile reveal price and release information.

I’m quite skeptical about the Nokia N8 and its Symbian^3 operating system, therefore it will be interesting to see how well it sells when T-Mobile UK start offering both the iPhone 4 and the Nokia N8.

Are you considering purchasing the Nokia N8? If so, what is it you want from today’s high-end smartphones?

Source: SlashGear



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