Nissan Cube Recall like Lexus HS250h

By Peter Chubb - Jul 26, 2010

2010 has been a very bad year for not only Toyota when it comes to recall, but also other carmakers as well. The latest vehicle to be recalled is the 2009 / 2010 Nissan Cube, and it seems to suffer from the same issue that the Lexus HS250h did last month.

The NHTSA along with Nissan has now issued a full recall, which should begin on August 30th. The main reason behind the safety recall is because if the Nissan Cube hatchback suffered a rear-moving barrier crash, then the fuel-leakage is higher than safety standards allows.

If this were to happen, then there is a possibility that the car could catch on fire. The test is not as simple as you think, more details on this can be found on Steven J. Ewing’s article on Autoblog. Nissan already has a planned fix, which involves the owner taking their vehicle to their nearest Nissan dealer.

Once there they will then install a protector on the gasoline recirculation tube, this will be located right near where you fill the vehicle up with fuel. The repairs will be free of charge, which we would expect anyway.

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  • toby Toyota

    you are a idiot.

  • Vlad Tepes

    Dear Mr. Tom Wittman,

    With all due respect, your bias is showing. Politics have little or nothing to do with what cars people buy. Every car is sold one at a time. Its an individual decision, and people tend to buy the car that is going to be the best value for their money. It has more to do with trusting the quality of each manufacturer. Toyota and Honda have built a solid quality reputation. Detroit spent decades dictating everything from style to performance to the American consumer. Detroit design quality has improved, greatly, but still lags behind Toyota and Honda. Toyota and Honda build here in the US. Nearly every Toyota Tacoma and every Tundra is built in Texas. Where does Gov’t Motors and Fiat/Chrysler build? How’s that Union thing working out for you?

  • jim

    re: tom wittmann

    It's foolish to think that the quality of american cars is higher. The number of recalls in american vehicle STILL far surpasses the Japanese. But, american recalls are so old-hat that the press and public doesn't care. When a Japanese automaker issues a recall, it has a lot more "Shock Factor" in the press, so people eat it up.

    It's frustrating to see ignorance on this topic, and have people assume american cars are of better quality.

  • tom wittmann

    The sloppy design and quality control of the Japanese cars during the lat 5-7 years is a consequence that they believed their own propaganda, supported by the incondtional support of the Japanese, and the fanatic and irrational admiration of a sector of the US
    customers, which seem not to be able to understand that the US cars, sloppy 20 years ago, today are a better value. 10-20 years ago, TOYOTA and otherJapanese brands were
    the better, ones, but not so good as they pretend.

    The US are the only major car producing country where the population lack of economic patriotism. In Japan and Korea, the majority not even consider foreign cars, independently of their quality, German, French and Italian would always prefer a domestic brand as long there is not a LARGE advantage to buy an Import, and do not care if the manufacturer was
    in the past bailed out by the Government or not.

    But Americans consider it "in" to buy an Import, and worse, some buy Import out of irrational hate of Bush or Obama!!!!