Nissan Cube Recall like Lexus HS250h

2010 has been a very bad year for not only Toyota when it comes to recall, but also other carmakers as well. The latest vehicle to be recalled is the 2009 / 2010 Nissan Cube, and it seems to suffer from the same issue that the Lexus HS250h did last month.

The NHTSA along with Nissan has now issued a full recall, which should begin on August 30th. The main reason behind the safety recall is because if the Nissan Cube hatchback suffered a rear-moving barrier crash, then the fuel-leakage is higher than safety standards allows.

If this were to happen, then there is a possibility that the car could catch on fire. The test is not as simple as you think, more details on this can be found on Steven J. Ewing’s article on Autoblog. Nissan already has a planned fix, which involves the owner taking their vehicle to their nearest Nissan dealer.

Once there they will then install a protector on the gasoline recirculation tube, this will be located right near where you fill the vehicle up with fuel. The repairs will be free of charge, which we would expect anyway.



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