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New Mac Mini 2010 from ColorWare: Choose your color?

When I purchased my Mac Mini over a year ago I was shocked at how much technology was crammed into such a small area. Apple has surprised us yet again with its new 2010 version, which looks as small as their Apple TV device. The new Mac Mini 2010 model is only available in aluminum – unless you visit ColorWare and choose your own color.

ColorWare allows you to add a little bit of your own personal choice to your Mac Mini, you can choose a color for main case itself and then the Apple logo on top. There is a huge choice of color combinations to choose from, just like you can with an iPhone 4 or the new Xbox 360.

You can choose from solid, metallic or pearl, these choices are offered in gloss or softtouch. The price for this service is $250, or if you prefer to purchase your Mac Mini directly from ColorWare then you will have to part with $1000.

If for some reason you do not find the color that appeals to you, then you can choose your own color with Pantone PMS. This will cost and extra $250 and you will be sent a sample for you to make certain that you like it before committing to it. For more details on this process visit ColorWare



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