HTC Scrapping OLED for Sony’s Super LCD

By Jamie Pert - Jul 26, 2010

This year HTC has shifted a large amount of OLED touting smartphones, however we have recently heard that the ever-growing mobile device manufacturer has decided to back Sony’s Super LCD (SLCD) display instead.

The main reason for this change is because the OLED display manufacturers can’t keep up with the high-demand, which is no doubt holding back HTC’s sales. There is also one big benefit for the end-user, this is that Super LCD technology has lower power consumption.

Apparently in terms of visual experience the new Super LCD displays will be comparable to the current OLEDs, personally I am a little worried by the word comparable, as anything noticeably inferior will probably cause an uproar.

These Super LCD displays are said to be similar to what is used in the iPhone 4 and iPad, obviously they may differ quite dramatically, however it could mean that the new displays will feature better color saturation and better viewing angles.

We cannot make our final judgement until we come across some hands-on video showing the OLED HTC smartphone side-by-side with the SLCD version, therefore we will have to keep you posted, for more information check out the source link below.

Source: IntoMobile

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