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Droid X Screen Problems Not Affecting Sales

The Motorola Droid X looked to get off to a great start but a number of reports of screen problems reminded us of the antenna issue that has rocked Apple and its new iPhone 4. Alan Ng went into detail about the latest Droid handset and how it could be its AntennaGate, but we are not convinced that the issue is that big of a problem.

We do not believe that the issue with Apple is as big as the media makes it out to be. Yes we know there is an issue, but how come it has not been affecting sales – much the same as the Droid X sales. They have remained strong throughout these recent screen problems.

Verizon has had to not only keep us updated with what they plan to do about the screen issue, but also with its stock as well. On a number of occasions the Motorola Droid X has sold out, and this could also be the case when the Droid 2 is released next month.

Big Red has yet to release any sales figures for the Droid X, but they hope that they will be as impressive as the top selling Android handset of all time, the original Droid. Have you still been buying the Droid X knowing that the smartphone has issues with its screen?


  • Henry

    Its a good device, granted has some defects, try downloading a few apps and then try to edit some phone properties (settings) some times the phone will freeze specially if you download more than 5 apps at the time, although a battery pull out fixes the issue which means is a software (firmware really) issue, this should be fixed. Also if you are making a call and somehow you cheek or any part of your head touches the phone a few times it will sometimes set off a second call, this is because the phone doesn't have hard buttons to call it is all touch technology for phone calld so some security features to avoid this would be nice (also firmware can fix this). I havent experiece much glitches on the screen other than the slider being vertical instead of horizontal sometimes (guess what… firmware?) So get to work devs! this is a great device don't screw it up.

  • Pete

    I have had my Droid X since launch day. 2 days ago I started getting banding on my screen at the bottom when held in the portrait configuration. I called Verizon and after 32 minutes on the phone with tech support they said they would give me a new phone.

    So why am I writing this comment? Well tech support's first response on the phone was this is not a known issue. Really? Because you (Verizon) have made an official statement that it is a known issue. I was also told they they will replace it because it is within 30 days of purchase. Newsflash "no matter what they think, they were going to replace it." Of course it will be 2 weeks before they will ship it because of a backorder issue. They are also adding $312.00 to my Verizon bill until they receive the defective device back. Love the Droid X customer support from Verizon leaves a little to be desired.

  • AmyT

    I've had the Droid X for 4 whole days now and have not had any problems with WiFi in my house nor do I have flickering screen issues. I have noticed a problem though. When you have a folder set up with apps and games and then you want to remove some of them, you can't do it. You try to move it to the Trash Bin but all you get is a wallpapered screen and it freezes for a second and then brings you back to the home page. My husband has the original Droid and this is does not happen on his phone. The music/media is great considering the speaker is so tiny. Battery life is always an issue with smart phones…so I can't really comment on that..but it can always be better. Not a deal breaker for me.


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