Dell Stop Selling Ubuntu-based PCs Online

By Jamie Pert - Jul 26, 2010

Dell has recently revealed that they are no longer selling computers pre-installed with Ubuntu on their website, instead this option will only be available over the phone.

Ubuntu is arguably the most user-friendly Linux disto, however Dell has now decided that Ubuntu is more suited to advanced users, I have five years experience with Ubuntu, and I must agree recommending Ubuntu to a novice can cause a lot more hassle than it is worth.

If you choose Ubuntu instead if Microsoft Windows 7 you do not have to buy a genuine Windows 7 license, which means you save roughly $99, this is because Ubuntu is completely open-source.

As stated earlier Dell are still offering Ubuntu, however this is an option only available over the phone, this may change as Dell are currently trying to simplify their online store.

Source: Telegraph

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  • raphaeljson

    i dropped out of school because of Ubuntu, because it failed me to enroll to my school. It doesn't run office, games, Live messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc. So be carefull, do not buy ubuntu, because it was coded by satan worshippers. do this: Stop going to parties, save your 99$ and use it to buy microsoft windows.

    • Jamie Pert

      Ubuntu has equivalents of all of the software you just stated, you just have to remember the Microsoft way isn’t the only way

    • Ezequiel Partida

      Open Office works great.. Why use MS Office, just because it's from MS?. Come one.

      Live messenger?. Well I use aMSN and it works great also, only bidirectional video conferencing stop working lately since MS did a change on their protocol.

      Yaho Messenger?.. Who needs it, they have a Web Version of it, and if you don't like it via web just use Empathy, kopete, pidgin and many others.

      I have a laptop with triple boot, Windows 7, Ubunt Lucid & Mandriva Linux.

      Every time I use Windows 7 I can really notice the speed difrerence, Windows 7 boots much faster than Windows Vista, but after you log in it keeps loading stuff and makes it slower.

      I use ubuntu once and a while but i prefer Mandriva..

      Come one raphael.. Linux ROCKS!!!