2011 Ford Explorer: How to Win on Facebook

We have some exciting news for car lovers now, as we have details on how you can win and take home a 2011 Ford Explorer, a brand new model that is just hours away from a full reveal by Ford.

As reported from Examiner, Ford announced a few weeks ago, that if their official Facebook page hit over 30,000 members within a month, they would give away a brand new 2011 Ford Explorer to one lucky winner.

As you guessed, the page has indeed hit the 30,000 mark, and Ford are set to make one Facebook user very happy. Here is the important bit: To have a chance of winning a 2011 Ford Explorer, all you have to do, is head to their official Facebook page here, and click that you ‘like’ the page.

Once you have done that, you’ll have to stay tuned to their page for further information. They have set up a countdown timer on the page, with different reveals planned at different times!

Good luck everybody.



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