Street Fighter X Tekken: Your Character Wish Lists?

By Alan Ng - Jul 28, 2010

For gamers who grew up on the likes of the old school Street Fighter II and Tekken II on the PS1, Capcom’s latest announcement is a dream come true. Street Fighter X Tekken might be a few years away from release, but we want to know what characters you want to see in the game.

With the sheer amount of fighters available in Street Fighter and Tekken combined, it is clear that Capcom will not have space for everyone – which means that some of your favorite characters will be included, and some will not.

Which ones would you like to see the most? It’s pretty obvious that the main ones from both games will be included – Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Jin, Kazuya, Heihachi etc. We imagine that a storyline will be taking place around these characters, but I still hope that Capcom is thinking of catering for everyone.

Then again, they could just choose the most popular characters from each game, and include the rest via DLC – everyone else seems to be doing it. Since we have already had a good look at Street Fighter characters via SSFIV, I’d just like to see Charlie added to the Street Fighter roster.

As for Tekken, I hope King and Armor King make an appearance, and also Hwoarang and Baek Doo San. Marshall Law would be a nice treat too.

What about you? I’m sure your minds are going overload on the possibilities for this game! Let us know your favorite picks below.

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  • lightsout

    Bryan fury

  • Bruce Irwin <3
    Beak Do San 😀
    Miguel 🙂
     – Tekken.

  • AfroStranger

    King vs. Sagat

  • tekkenfan

    JINPACHI has to be in the game and he should be alive in tekken 7

  • jjjj

    jin kazuya heihachi JINPACHI

  • ryu vs jin

    TEKKEN Male – law, hwoarang, lei, heihachi, jinpachi, kazuya, jin,devil jin, lars, rogonav, baek san do, king, armour king, paul, bryan, wang, Raven, gunyryu. and abit more male fighters.
    TEKKEN Female – Jun Kzama, Nina, Anna,ling xioyu, julia chang, christie motero, michele, asuka, lili and alisa and any other female characters.

    STREET FIGHTER Male- Ryu, evil ryu, Ken, akuma, Gouken, Bison,Sagat, Vega, Fei long, guile, E. honda, dalsim, balrog, blanka, zangief, Dj and a few more male fighters.
    STREET FIGHTER Female- chun li, cammy, viper sakura, rose and juri. and any other female characters.

    these fighters from both worlds are essential….extra and more special moves should be added to tekken to make the game extreme..

  • Babush

    they better have King in this one otherwise i'm not buying
    Also second those wanting Yoshimitsu, Hwoarang, Lei

    actually it would be sweet if they have all chars from Tekken 6 BR/SSF4 that would atleast keep most of the fans happy

  • tupac


  • JohnMc

    Abel for sure. I would love to see a rivalry between him and Paul. A battle of Judo Based MMA fighters. Judokas win either way.

    Dudley. This game needs more dignity.

    R Mika for more PW love.

    Kunimitsu as well. She's been forgotten for so long now. Even a daughter taking up the Kunimitsu [since Namco doesn't want a Female over 25 ] name and armor would be good.

  • Sophh'

    Ling Xiaoyu !! All Time Fav !!

  • elizabeth


  • monevue

    61. Hokuto
    62. Skullomania
    63. Pullum
    64. C. Jack
    65. Kairi
    66. Allen
    67. Darun
    68. Blair
    69. Garuda
    70. Hayate
    71. Cycloid (Alpha and Beta)
    72. D. Dark
    73. Sharon
    74. Shadow
    75. Rainbow Mika
    76. Nanase
    77. V. rosso
    78. Area
    79. Ace
    80. Cracker Jack
    81. Gill
    82. Abel
    83. Rufus
    84. Go Hibiki
    85. Sawada
    86. Abel
    87. El Fuerte
    88. hakan
    89. Mel (Ken's Eldest Son)

  • monevue

    31. Evil Ken 31. Steve Fox
    32. Violet Ken 32. Ogre
    33. Guile 33. True Ogre
    34. Dee Jay 34. Devil
    35. T. Hawk 35. Devil jin
    36. Gen 36. Anna Williams.
    37. Geki 37. Jack
    38. Mike 38. Gon
    39. Eagle 39. Dr. Boskonvitch
    40. Adon 40. Feng Wei
    41. Sodom 41. Lei Wulong
    42. Guy 42. Roger/ Alex
    43. Cody 43. Violet
    44. Karin 44. Julia Chang
    45. Juli 45. Kunimitsu
    46. Juni 46. Lili
    47. Maki 47. Roger Jr.
    48. Ingrid 48. Unknown
    50. Alex 50. Mokujin/ Tetsujin
    51. Dudley 51. Raven
    52. Ibuki 52. Sergei Dragunov
    53. Makato 53. Miharu Hirano
    54. Elena 54. Alisa Bonsconvitch
    55. Necro 55. Lars Alexandersson
    56. Hugo 56. Miguel Caballero Rojo
    57. Urien 57.
    58. Remy
    59. Twelve
    60. Q

  • Mone

    Street Fighter Characters: Tekken Characters:
    1. Ryu 1. Kazuya Mishima
    2. Ken 2. Jin Kazama
    3. Chun-Li 3. Heihachi Mishima
    4. Akuma 4. Jun Kazama
    5. Gouken 5. Jinpachi Mishima
    6. Blanka 6. Mardurk
    7. M. Bison 7. Forest Law
    8. Vega 8. Hworang
    9. Sagat 9. Baek
    10. Joe 10. Wang Jinrei
    11. Zangief 11. Bob
    12. Fei-Long 12. Marshall Law
    13. Dhalsim 13. Paul Phoenix
    14. Balrog 14. Bruce Irvin
    15. Cammy 15. Eddy Gordo
    16. Charlie (Nash) 16. Christie Monteiro
    17. Sakura 17. Lee Chaolan
    18. Dan 18. Michelle Chang
    19. Rolento 19. Xiaoyu
    20. Codi 20. Bryan Fury
    21. Alex 21. Ganryu
    22. Yun 22. King
    23. Yang 23. Armour King
    24. Sean 24. Kuma
    25. Viper 25. Panda
    26. E. Honda 26. Yoshimitsu
    27. Rose 27. Nina Williams
    28. Juri 28. Asuka Kazama
    29. Seth 29. Leo
    30. Evil Ryu 30. Zafina

  • zakk

    tekken; paul, kazuya, jin, devil jin, devil kazuya, lars, alisa, hawarang(sry about spellng) law, king, anna,& heihachi
    sf:ryu, ken, Gouki, Gouken, Cammy, chun li, NOT CODY HES AN ANNOYING *****,mbison, alex, gill,dan,sagget, guillie

    i know people want to see paul vs guile, but other than the hair they have nothing in common. id rather paul's rival be ken.

  • reven123

    How about “Devil Jin vs Devil Ruy.

    Wouldn’t it be great?

  • Brandon… aka Killer BJS

    I want Rose, Cammy, Karin, R. Mika, Sakura, Alex, and Guy, for streetfighter. For tekken… Law, Anna, thats it. lol


  • Neutralfan


  • KenMastersIV

    Personally as a Fan of Both Franchises i grew up on SF and adapted to Tekken back when it first came out. i would like to the the following

    Street Fighter:
    Ken,Ryu,Chun Li,Balrog,Gouken,Dee Jay,Sagat,Vega,Honda,fie long,akuma,cammy and zangrief.

    Kazuya,Jin,Xiayou,Steve Fox,Hiehachi,Eddy,Bruce,Yoshi,Gan,Law,Nina,King,raven.

    here is why Ken Vs Jin,Ryu vs Kazuya,Xiayou vs Chun Li,Barlog vs Steve Fox,Gouken vs Hiehachi,Dee Jay vs Eddy,Sagat vs Bruce,Vega vs Yoshi,Honda vs Gan,Fie Long vs Law,Raven vs Akuma,Nina vs Cammy and Zangrief vs King.

    to me this would be best match ups.

  • Sundal

    Tekken: Jin, Lars, King, Raven, Law

    SF: Ken, Charlie, Zangief, Abel, Dudley

    Oh yeah, original character sounds nice as well…

  • slip

    would like to see ibuki

  • SSF4Boss

    Some kind of martial arts master which is like a shaolin, THAT WOULD BE ACE

  • steo

    Gon vs Dan would be excellent!

  • capntossnflossem

    SF] Akuma, Fei Long, Ibuki and [yes i'm going to say it] the debut of…drum roll please…


    Tekken] Yoshimitsu, Paul Phoenix, Armor King and Forrest Law

  • abeluser

    abel please

  • nightwatcher

    i really hope these are in i couldnt be bothered to write all the ones i want in there is 10 more .

    eddy gordo
    armor king
    bryan fury
    devil jin
    lee chaolan
    jack 6
    lars alexanderson
    marshall law
    feng wei

  • john.E

    Ling Xiaoyu has to be in this new game. She's 1 of the best characters!!!

  • $@%T3|<|<3||*#^

    I want Yoshimitsu, Alisa and Jack6 was their!!! Especially all tekken characters was thier!!! Go Tekken team!!!

  • sammy


  • KingofTekken

    Hwoarang, Eddy Gordo, Jack, Yoshimitsu from Tekken
    Alex, Rolento, Yun, and Yang from Street Fighter

  • SFxTfan

    Alex, Rolento, Yun, Yang, and Sean from Street Fighter

    Hwoarang, and Jack from Tekken

  • jovan

    Christie Montiero!

  • AtAlawi

    Ryu and Akuma should be include nd use hadou beams moves. where Akuma and devil play role as 2nd final boss and Shin Akuma play role as a final boss use cannon satsui no hadou Gou hadou beam, Shin shun goku satsu and other story wise moves.

  • Harry

    Evil Ryu

  • roshun

    sf cody, makoto ,juri ,fei-long for tekken law, lei ,lee and jun

  • fawuwu

    "Unknown" the final boss from tekken tag ,Sagat, Vega, Dhalsim, Tiger Jackson (instead of Eddy Gordo) Jun, M. Bison, and the whole Mishima family

  • fawuwu

    they need at least 1 new character that is a mix of both games
    and give Mokujin the styles from characters from both games that they aren't including in the game

  • kazama

    Jin kazama is tekken lord, and feng wei would punish too

  • Funtroon

    Duh!!, Jun Kazama.

  • nigel

    my all time favorite lee chaolon


  • someone

    Taeken: HWARANG AND BEAK (Hwarangs mentor)

    Street fighter: JURI (ITF taekwondo)

  • LAN

    jusr put all ins SUperstreetfighter charcters all in and put alll tekken6 charcters including that kunmitsu,since she missed out on tekken6.
    juri of course against kazkuya since both have da red eye fever lol.dream match gotta have sagat! vs kings ring partner in story line tekken6, and also devil jin n akuma also ling vs that ninja babe in ssf4,,,addin also
    "Unknown"is the final adversary faced in the Tekken Tag Tournament.She seems to be possessed by a demonic looking wolf spirit.She also bears the same tattoo marking that Jin Kazama does.Who she is is currently a mystery but maybe we are closer to finding out than we think!!! againist seth lol…..please be a code 4 nancey da robot or be a bonus stage like ssf4 destory da car put nancey as bonus stage … cool ganyu vs of cousre…. blanka vs panda and delsim vs woody lol…..ha sine be far 1 get 2 copy moves and delsim streched out n blow fire it be lil comady like since wood are scared of fire lol…

  • Tekkenfan

    Jack-6 for sure

    • Dragunov

      ummm woodnt it be Jack-X or somethin now?

  • street fighter fan

    i Want Ken and law

  • Street fighter Fan

    I want Evil ryu and Devil Kayua

  • Terry


    He's in every Capcom vs game, he has to be there.
    X-Men vs SF
    Marvel vs SF
    Marvel vs Capcom
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Capcom vs SNK
    Capcom vs SNK 2

  • SSFIV Fan

    i would like to see Jin in it for the most part because ever since tekken 3 he has played a big part in the tekken series an im pretty sure most people would agree

  • Another vote for Yoshimitsu! Kunimitsu would be really nice, too.

  • sfxtk


    kaz vs ryu

    jin/dvj vs aku/ken

    hwo/baek vs juri

    bob vs rufus

    mard/king/amk vs fuerte/zang/hakan/t.hawk

    gan vs honda (duhhhhh xD)

    steve vs boxer/dudley (fave :D)

    raven/yoshi vs claw/ibu/guy/cviper(raven vs cviper?)

    feng/lei vs gen (2nd fave)

    law/lee vs fei

    paul/bryan vs abel/cody/makoto/guile

    bruce vs sagat/adon

    animals and moku vs dan LOL

    hei vs gouken

    nina/anna vs chun/cammy

    xiao/asuka/lili vs sakura

    chr/eddy vs djay

    jack vs blanka (laser eyes trick always comes to mind :/)

    cant think of anything else. anyone wanna compare? 😀

    • Nihaou

      Panda vs Zangief xD

  • Shoryuken

    Hwoarang FTW. He has to be in there. Without him, I will be dissapointed D:

  • amer

    Fie long and paul!

  • Robbie

    rufus, Hakan and Juri are the best new breed!

  • Owlman

    For the tekken side I'd deffinately like to see Lee, Yoshimitsu, Jack, and for the hell of it, Kunimitsu, since she hasnt been in a game since Tekken Tag.
    As for the street fighter side, the obvious choices would be Bison, Blanka, and Akuma.

  • john

    steve fox steve fox and steve fox

  • Enny G

    HWORANG all day

  • Sam

    I love Dragunov but he's not exactly iconic enough if there is limited space. King has to be included, as does Hworang.

    I hate Kuma but he probably should be in it.

  • kai

    Hworang and Juri for Tae Kwon Do goodness

    also Law

  • Julialover

    I want Julia vs Viper
    Bruce VS Sagat

  • Devil Jin Vs Shin Akuma..

    • Vic


      • Ace_21

        That would be epic!

  • Shrimp

    All of you have very good taste. I want King, Asuka, Ibuki, Juri, Christie and Makoto!

    • domonique

      me to!
      that would be alsome!

      • domonique

        I want to see Lars vs Able

  • Lamp

    Lee, Hwoarang, and King for Tekken
    Abel, Ibuki, and Akuma for Street Fighter

  • LuisYo

    Ling Xiaoyu, I Want Xiaoyu vs Chun Li That Would Be Awesome.

    • Nice..I can definitely see this happening Luis… what about Bryan Fury Vs Abel? 🙂

  • Lisa

    Hwoarang my all time favourite along with Paul!!

  • Aaron

    Tekken: Asuka Kazama, and Lili Rochefort.

    SF: R. Mika, Sakura

  • Edgar V.

    I would like guy, juri, cammy, and, if possible, ibuki to make it on the character list for street fighter x tekken.

    • ojalon.c

      guy is soo cool man but? cammy,ibuki dude your so gay haha but how what about this evil ryu,ken god ryu,ken dee jay for street fighter but takken jin,yoshimitsu,azazzel,law cool hahahaaaaa ahh yeah juri is cool not gay

  • TTShoota

    Yoshimitsu! please!

  • Mooshadow