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Man Stabbed Comic Con: Video Shows Suspect

While most of the attention at this year’s Comic Con was gathered thanks to new details on the Thor, Captain America and Avenger movies, it seems as if the event got off to a bad start after a fan was stabbed after a heated argument with another person.

As reported from National Ledger, two men were just about to tune into the Green Hornet event at Comic Con, when a dispute broke out over seating. Apparently, one man was upset that the other was sitting ‘too close’ to him, and according to police, was stabbed near the eye and was taken to hospital for treatment.

The suspect was arrested immediately and charged for assault with a deadly weapon. We’re glad to report that the injured man is now doing well in hospital. All this over a seat at Comic Con though?

There is a user video below of the suspect being taken away by Police – take a look and let us know your thoughts on it. Apparently the suspect is a Harry Potter fan.



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