Lego Sales Increased By David Beckham

Lego has been a favorite pastime for years now and its popularity has been helped recently with the news that David Beckham is a big fan. The football icon has confessed that if he wasn’t a footballer building with the small bricks would be his dream pastime.

An article in is reporting that the England football star revealed he spent his spare time in Italy building a huge Lego model of the Taj Mahal. Since he revealed his pastime sales of the 5,922 piece set have soared 663 percent in just one day of sales.

This has delighted Lego bosses and in a gesture of appreciation have invited the L.A. Galaxy star and his wife Victoria, with their sons Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo to their head office in Billund, Denmark which is home of the original Lego land park. After a tour of the company’s museum and shop it is hoped that Beckham can come up with some suggestions for future projects.

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