British Royal Family: Post Photos on Flickr

The British Royal Family continue to change with the times by posting hundreds of rarely seen photo’s on popular photo sharing website Flickr. Over 600 photographs have been added to the British Monarchy’s Photo stream account, and will be available to be viewed from tomorrow.

The is reporting the images show recent royal events, and older images of the Queen, Princes William and Harry, Prince of Wales and many other members of the Royal family. As new Royal events take place new images will be added. This follows the Windsor’s opening a Twitter account last year and a channel on YouTube back in 2007.

Early pictures of Queen Victoria and pictures of the current Queen when she was a baby are among the photos on the site. There are images of the two Princes William and Harry as children with their mother Princess Diana, and Harry in Afghanistan on his recent deployment to the country.

Images of the Royal Household staff at work behind the scenes and the Queen’s recent visit to New York and Canada are also shown.


  • simon brazier

    would just like to say even if prince williams wedding is 5000 million its worth it the royal family is the heart of british people how any one can question them is beyond me the revenue that they take through the years is overwhelming thing is england now as got to much to say these saviour people are the ones that have kept this country alive for hundreds
    of years we should be proud of our monarchy and the history that we have our kings queens princes and princesses have always put our country first thing is the minority of some english people dont tell there children of our heritage glad my parents told me would just like to congratulate prince william and kate middleton on there engagement and while we are there those two children havent had everything ok money dont compensate losing there mother ok most people have still got theres so before you judge thing long live our royal family god bless you all proud to be british simon brazier wednesbury west midlands


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