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Bear Joyride: Takes 2008 Toyota Corolla for a spin

A Colorado family had a fright when a bear decided to take their car for a spin. The bear managed to get into the empty vehicle sounded the horn, before sending it rolling 125 feet into a thicket while still inside.

Dan Elliot from the is reporting the family was sound asleep in their Larkspur home which is 30 miles south of Denver. Then early Friday morning the bear opened the unlocked 2008 Toyota Corolla and went inside said seventeen year old Ben Story.

It is thought a discarded peanut butter sandwich on the back seat was the thing that attracted the bear in the first place. A spokesman for the Colorado Division of Wildlife –Tyler Backfield- commented that it was not unusual for bears to enter houses and cars when searching for food. “It happens all the time,” “They’re very smart,” he said.

The bear must have knocked the shifter on the automatic transmission which sent the car rolling backward off the drive. After the emergency services were called the bear was freed by deputies opening the door with a rope. The family will now need a new car as the bear wrecked the interior while trying to escape, which also left “a present” on the driver’s seat according to the family.


  • Pattie

    "After the emergency services were called the bear was freed by deputies opening the door with a rope." Where's the death sentence? Although I do agree that this was insensitive and dumb.

    • Jim

      In Colorado, it's two strikes and the bear is "put down". Ignorant people temp bears with their garbage and ripe food in sun-heated cars and habituate them causing the death sentence. Oh, it's not 100%, only 90% or so.

  • Jim

    Ha, ha, ha. Idiots leave a peanut butter sandwich in a car in bear country to give a bear a death sentence. Insensitive and dumb. I hope their insurance doesn't cover stupidity.

    • Robbie

      Sounds too wierd to be true!

  • John

    Something sounds fishie here. You must first activate the foot brake to get the car out of gear.

    • steve

      Did you notice what kind of car it was? A Toyota! It's just another example of Toyota quality control problems. I suppose we will start hearing more stories related to this shift locking device soon. Hopefully none will be tragic. Buy a Ford product people!


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