Xbox 360 Kinect: UK Release Date confirmed?

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2010

As far as we know, Microsoft has yet to officially confirm a release date for Kinect over in the UK. However, that hasn’t stopped one retailer from listing a solid release date for the upcoming device.

The retailer in question is HMV, and they have listed Kinect for a release in the UK on Friday November 19th. As with other UK retailers, the price is £129.99 with Kinect Adventures and comes with free delivery. It’s available to pre-order now.

We’ve had a look at the Amazon UK and GAME websites, and there is no mention of a release date. Has HMV let slip the release date before the green light from Microsoft?

We hope so. Kinect launches on November 4th in the US, priced at $149.99. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Mark

    @ UnknownMan

    Looks like you are missing a few points, Move is actually £49.95p and then you have to buy separately the "Navigation Controller" which is needed for many games and costs another £24.99p.
    That is just for one player if you want 2 players then you have to buy another Navigation Controller AND another Motion Controller the motion controller being £34.99p so all in all you are talking an almost identical price to Kinect if you want to play with another player.

    Kinect has no hidden charges 2 players can play out of the box and it comes with a game, it can also do more than Move .
    Zavvi etc have already put the price of Kinect at £119.85 , the £129.99p quoted is rrp no one will sell it at that price online after launch.

    Heres a link to the Move prices I quote –

  • UnknownMan

    129.99, well move is worth around 40 pounds, just look at the difference. But i have to say, voice command is an amazing feature on Kinect.