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White iPhone 4: Release Date Delay – Secret Hardware Recall?

Were you surprised by Apple’s latest delay to their white iPhone 4 handset? We have an article for you to read now, which suggests that there may be some other reasons for the delay other than the ‘manufacturing’ one Apple stated.

As reported from the Guardian, Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 will now be available to buy ‘later on this year’, again failing to give consumers a solid release date.

Given the continuation of the iPhone 4 reception/signal problems, dubbed ‘AntennaGate’, there are some who believe that the main reason for the delay is due to the fact that Apple are changing the hardware inside the iPhone 4, so that the problem with the antenna will be fixed up for good.

This is the only way that the company could do this, without it being labelled as a full blown ‘recall’ by the media. What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think Apple is secretly working on a hardware fix to the iPhone 4 antenna? Full article through the link.



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