White iPhone 4: Release Date Delay – Secret Hardware Recall?

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2010

Were you surprised by Apple’s latest delay to their white iPhone 4 handset? We have an article for you to read now, which suggests that there may be some other reasons for the delay other than the ‘manufacturing’ one Apple stated.

As reported from the Guardian, Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 will now be available to buy ‘later on this year’, again failing to give consumers a solid release date.

Given the continuation of the iPhone 4 reception/signal problems, dubbed ‘AntennaGate’, there are some who believe that the main reason for the delay is due to the fact that Apple are changing the hardware inside the iPhone 4, so that the problem with the antenna will be fixed up for good.

This is the only way that the company could do this, without it being labelled as a full blown ‘recall’ by the media. What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think Apple is secretly working on a hardware fix to the iPhone 4 antenna? Full article through the link.

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  • Kelly

    I'm personally happy if they're fixing the problem. I don't care if it's delayed because they're making it better. I never buy phones when they first come out because there is almost always going to be a defect. So when I buy my phone I want all the glitches to be worked out.

  • kira

    its stupid, doesnt make sense why the white and black iphone 4G cant be released and the same time

  • sexy-reggie

    One of the reasons is the glue they attach the back and front with is turning black which on the black one isn't a problem but on the white it makes it look shabby so the are redeveloping the compound for the glue! I heard on the grape vine that late august early september for its release. Laters

  • imkoonta

    i am going to wait. i've waited this long. and yes I think its SJ scheme to fix the antenna issue.

  • Nate

    C'mon even if it is a cover up to fix the malfunctions it doesn't matter cause the thing is going to sell. One, it'll be a new iphone without defects. Two, it's the white iphone 4. I say be patient and you'll be happy to be one of the peope with the white version.

  • Hannah

    Is there a date for when the white iphone 4 comes out ?

  • david


  • Again, This has been way predicted even before the press con of Apple last week.

    Your best bet? If the launch will be as late as 2011, Reports will flow that 'White iPhone 4, don't have the antenna gate issue". Details: http://2su.de/1cE

  • Vertical

    I think SJ's deceptive plan all along has been to do whatever it takes to avoid a full recall. He is figuring that after the dust settles, he can make required minor modifications to the defective model (such as a non-conductive coating), after announcing that Apple engineers have determined there really is a problem with the design, but that it is nothing significant for most people (see previous press conference), and of no concern whatsoever to Apple fans. After Sep 30th he will OFFER customers the option to upgrade, knowing that most who did not return it will not bother, and will be happy to settle for their defective model with the rubber band around it. And he will again be proven correct. We are, after all, dealing with a paranoid, delusional, egomaniacal, tech genius – which is why I returned my iphone today.

    • the hitchhiker

      You know what that sounds like to me? A conspiracy theory. You know what a conspiracy theory makes you sound like? A paranoid, delusional narcissist

  • Mason

    That would make since because sj said they would stop giving out free cases after a certain date(I don’t remember when September I think) then they would re evaluate the situation. So I believe this article.


  • dnt trip

    its stupid i rather get the one with the attena gate nd get a free bumper case hahaha

    • tellerj

      Exactly, I wanted the White one really bad but to wait further is just not worth it. We all know the iPhone 4G or % is coming next summer so why buy a white 4 “LATER THIS YEAR”?

      • Nathan

        Sorry but there is no such thing as 4g in terms of service. Sprints “4g” is not a network, rather a marketing scheme. America will be on a GSM, or edge and 3G network for years to come. Do some research and educate yourself on the matter so that you can make educated purchasing decisions. I personally can’t wait for apple to fix the hardware problem with the phone because they designed the new iPhone 4 to be used without a case.