Tropical Storm Bonnie 2010: AT&T Make Preparations for Hurricane

Following on from our report yesterday which mentioned various ways to track Tropical Storm Bonnie using Google Earth, we now have some details on how U.S carrier AT&T is doing their bit to help.

As reported from AdvertiserTalk, the hurricane is now heading towads the Texas gulf coast, and AT&T has released a statement, ensuring consumers that they have made preparations to help anyone caught up in the storm.

AT&T will be using their Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) capabilities to provide disaster response equipment consumers during, and after the storm. The carrier has enhanced their network in hurricane-prone areas, securing both wired and wireless connections. They have also installed generators at critical cell sites and replaced copper wiring with fiber optic cable.

You can find a full list of AT&T’s pre-storm network preparations in the link above. Are you prepared for tropical storm bonnie?



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