Sex Addict Facebook: Laura Michaels Video Interview

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2010

You may have read our report on Clive Worth earlier this week, a 60-year old man who is a self-confessed Facebook Sex Addict. Well, we have a video interview for you to watch now, this time showing Laura Michaels, another Facebook sex addict.

Laura Michaels is 23 and is another person to openly admit that she uses the social-networking website to find sex. She created a Facebook group titled ‘I need Sex’, which she has now removed. The group attracted interest immediately and out of 300 members, she says she met around 50 of them and slept with 35 of them.

We have a video for you to read now, in which Michaels talks about this during a television interview. It is actually quite interesting and definitely worth watching. In particular, look out for the moment at 5.06 when Michaels says that she did it ‘just for the thrill of it’.

Do you think her actions were appropriate or not? Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on it. Given our previous report on Clive Worth, this seems to be becoming quite a ‘social’ trend now. What do you think?


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  • escorts in barrie

    good post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.

  • jim jones

    To John Smith…..Do you love your wife???? IS she still seeing other men. if she loves you and you love her and she is not seeing other men since your relationship began then get over it…her past should of come out before you were married but you took the vow of for better or worse. if she has reformed her ways you need to seek help to deal with this

    • JohnSmith

      I appreciate where you are coming from, but this is not a matter of love…..this is a matter of trust. I was completely forthcoming to her about my past, she obviously was not. She has not been truthful with me in the past, is she telling me the truth now and will she hide things from me in the future? Has she been seeing some of her lovers behind my back? The big thing is that I don't feel that I married the woman that I thought I did, so did I fall in love with her or what I thought she was? Was she just a lie or a well designed facade? After this happened, her parents were just as shocked as I was when her friend told them about her past. They immediately understood where I was coming from.

      • tinnah

        johnsmith u can judge pp whom they were in the past come on u think u are perfect noo i dont i dont think so ,u were not in her shoes u dont know how hard it was for her to tell u stuff like this,,she loved what u guys had,,im sure she regrets everything she done but its to late,and to make sure of it why she setteltd down with u and have kid with u too cos she wanted so badly to change,and have a normal life with a nice husband and great family ,some one who will love her and care for her,my advice,go home and be with ur wife and be family again .dont destroy something so valuable u have

  • John Smith

    I always knew that I'd probably never find a fellow virgin to marry, but this absolutely breaks my heart. I see the same thing in this girl as I do my wife and I think the number 50 is probably low balling it. I'll never look at my Jennifer the same again and it tears me up inside. I walk down the street wondering if the guy who smiles at my wife is a former lover. I don't know what will happen from here.

  • John Smith

    Upon buying a small house near her parents, we joined up with some of her old friends. We out for drinks with them and I didn't find anything odd…… first. I wondered why she had so many male friends, and I was soon enlightened by one of the MANY former lovers that she had in her home town. Liquor loosens the tongue and apparently my wife's clothes as well. Her former lover (never in a relationship with her) told me of my sweet wife's exploits in vivid detail. I stopped him and left. My wife chased after me and I told her why I left. Her eyes welled up with tears and she told me that she loved me and that she hadn't been with many guys. I'm not a prude, but her former lover told me that the running joke was how many guys she had been with and he personally knew of over a hundred guys that slept with her. I told her this and she did not dispute it. (I found out later that the number was above 250 in that town from a female friend who was one of her fellow wild child's.) I wonder how many men have been with her since then. I spoke to her about it and she dodges the question and won't talk about it.

  • John Smith

    When I initially told her the idea, she became enraged and stormed off. I let her cool down and then talked about it with her. She still wasn't thrilled, but she relented when I mentioned that we really needed a new start and a new job. This is when the unfortunate reality set in.

  • John Smith

    I actually married a woman very much like her and did not know it until a couple of weeks ago. I'm very old fashioned and waited for marriage to consumate a sexual relationship. I knew that my wife was probably not a virgin, but I loved her and overlooked the possibility. We'd been together for two years when we married and had a child shortly thereafter. I lost my job in the city that we lived in and I recommended that we move back to her home town because there were better opportunities there and I thought that she would be happy to be near her family.

    • Bruce

      That's why waiting until marriage is the greater risk. Want to know if a marriage will work? Have sex and live with them first. Odds are better you'll know who you're marrying.


    Totally awesume we should all bang sumone else today ! LOL …

  • JohnnyB

    i cant she talked bout that she had sex with 35 men! i was one of them.! thank god she didnt mension my name.!

  • Spot

    I just love those that are so quickly to judge, but if the truth was really known you couldn't wait to try her out and you know it…..

  • kim

    well myspace is worse. i know nationalgurad recruiters who use work computers to do this and to look at porn!

  • she is worst than my ex wife she is aslut

  • KeriV

    I honestly do not see a problem with this. She is a grown woman who enjoys a lot of sex with a lot of different men. It is her body and if she is not careful, she will be the one having to deal with some sort of STD or being attacked by someone. BUT… either way, it is HER CHOICE and I applaud her for doing what she wants to do and not letting others influence her decisions. You go, girl!

    • Sam

      You are part of the problem! The do what ever you want no matter how it effects the people around you attitude. What if she has a child with one of these men? Did the child ask to be in that situation? Should the child suffer without a father or a mother who is more worried about getting laid than the needs of her child? We all have choices in life, but we have to make choices in our lives for reasons more than just our own selfish wants and desires. People today are nothing more than a bunch of 5 year olds in adult bodys. gimme gimme, I want, me me me. It's sad and sickening

      • Bruce

        Yeah Sam – it's called freedom.

        If the only ones hurt are those involved, live and let live. What right do you have to make her decisions for her? Worry about your own shit – you're the one truly part of the problem.

  • Sam

    It's a sad time we live in. Once upon a time it was a bad thing to be called a whore, she's proud of it. What she probably won't ever relize is that she will never in her life be able to have a meaninful relationship. It will always be about sex and I pray that she never has children. Any child brought into this world by her will be subject to all of her mistakes and will have to live with it for the rest of there life. I weep for the future generations. I can only hope they will learn from this generations mistakes.

  • KevinUSA

    She does porno. Smart way to get your website membership up.

  • jmart

    I want that girl. Any woman who enjoys sex that much has to be hot. She's not bad looking either.

    • Sam

      Do you want the possibilty of getting any STD's she may have or even have a baby with this person? Yeah yeah, I know birth control and protection. Let me tell you it doesn't always work. My wife is pregnant with our 4th child and we did use birth control. So from personal experiance I wouldn't want the risk of being with that whore. An easy lay just isn't worth it Jmart

  • BBaker1972

    This is really old news. I believe she's actually 25 now and she has her own website where you can download actual porn movies that she is in. I guess she must have thought with a sex drive like hers she might as well become a porn actress.

  • Karyn

    she's single and looking for sex. What is wrong with that? Sex it something everyone should enjoy!! Dr. Oz will tell you sex is one of the five things humans NEED to survive!

    • nathan

      karyn safe sex in a marriage is good. outside of the marriage it's a sin. what laura is doing is damning her soul for eternity. you fools who believe in the so called free love movement which came to be back in the mid 60's is part of the problem with all of these unwed mothers with those kids not knowing their daddy and we the tax payer have to foot the bill. not to mention the hiv ,heppes etc. humans can survive without sex,you have believe a lie. if laura don't stop what she's doing ,she will be on the 6:00 news as the leading story for the night.

    • Sam

      Believe what you want. Sex should only be enjoyed by married couples. STD's are transmitted by people with multiple partners. If you need sex that bad it's called masterbation. The only thing a human needs sex for is to reproduce and keep the human race going.

  • TheTruth

    The World Is Bad With Crooks Running It.

  • allan steve

    i really need to met her, need sex too!

  • Vicky

    Wow, what a whore.

  • mel

    she should be ashamed of herself putting herself out there.remember what the heart doesnt know it cant be broken. but shes enjoying the fact that shes a tramp.

  • mel

    what man in his right mind would want to have a relationship with her.everywhere they go they will run into someone shes slept with.i dont care what anyone says,that will bother anyman shes with.she will have to continue to date,because no man will want a relationship with her.she loves sex,but with different men, i believe we have a name for that.

    • Mike

      Yeah… AWESOME!

  • Phil Ashio

    Awesome. More people should do this. I love how they're trying to sensationalize it. When sex is just a fun thing to do, plain and simple.

    • nathan

      phil you're a sick puppy too.what this young lady is doing is so dangerous. there are many wackos out there who prey on naive women like luara. outside of a marriage between a man and a woman, sex i the eyes of God is sinful. hookers don't even give their bodies away for free. she's a nympo.

      • Julie

        I agree completely with Nathan. Outside of marriage, it's just wrong–morally, socially and BIBLICALLY!

  • marc

    That 35th guy must have been pretty bad. LOL

    • Bradley


  • Robert

    Hooray for Laura.