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Samsung Epic 4G: Sprint Release Date Revealed? – Twitter Hints

We have some exciting news for those of you planning to pick up the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint now, as we have a rumored release date to share with you now, as well as some hints on Twitter.

As reported from BGR, Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S is rumored to be making it’s premiere at Samsung’s On Demand Live Show website on August 20th.

Furthermore, a recent status update on Twitter by Samsung has teased that the Epic 4G is due to land on Sprint in a few weeks time, as they stated: ”Also keep in mind the Sprint Epic 4G is arriving in a few weeks. It’s the 4G”

The Epic 4G is Sprint’s second handset which will be compatible with their 4G WiMAX network, so you can see why people are making such a big deal about it.

Will you be getting one? We’ll keep you updated when we know more.


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  • Just looking for 4G related info. Thanks for informative post.

  • I spent some time on the phone with sprint reps to determine some kind of release date for the Epic 4G. One of them told me that we likely wouldn’t see anything until mid- to late-September. I sincerely hope this is not the case, as I find that as much as I used to be laid back and patient about emerging technologies, these days I just want to purchase the device an start using it, the intention of the advertising and hype techniques companies are using to boost sales and per-sales. Let me spend my money, Samsung and Sprint. Sell me my phone.

    In response to comments about Samsung phones, Samsung is rock solid. Instinct is forgivable. All really good manufacturers are permitted the occasional error like that. Otherwise, Samsung remains among the best in electronics.

  • Bran

    I work at sprint. I have not seen or heard of any Early Aug release but last Aug is looking better

  • Employess

    I work for FEDEX Express in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and on Sunday I came across training material, display set ups, and store signs for the Epic. Although the release date was not included in the package box, usually they send this kind of stuff to stores 1 or 2 weeks prior…So I think the Epic will be here veeerrryyy soon!

  • harry

    I remember the Samsung instinct. I pray this one is not like that piece of junk. My wife is looking forward to the epic after the meltdown of the “hero”. It’s definitely unfair that older phones are being abandoned by Google. But what do I care I’m using the evo. No complaints with froyo. Looking to the horizon for bigger and better

  • Alan

    Samsung sucks yall have fun with it.

    • John

      I dont think by your comment you have ever owned a samsung phone they are the best in reliability and functionality. Thats why this Epic is already more anticipated than the Evo. The epic is awesome in every way you name it.

      • Adriana

        i agree with you, after getting my first samsung phone, that's all ive gotten

  • Mattemer

    Great news, but why is there a picture of the Samsung Moment with this article, and not the Epic?

  • me2

    i wish. i bought the moment which took forever to get off android 1.5 and was then abandoned shortly thereafter. i'm stuck with it for a few more months.

  • JoeNathan

    I have wanted this phone since the day i was born. And now on August 20th i shall be born again, through Epic 4g. lol. Cant wait.

    • august 6th

    • Sam

      Thats really funny. I am waiting for it as well.

  • Lexie

    August 20 is NOT the release date!! Only the date that Samsung will show their on demand clip reviewing the Epic 4g. Logically, the phone will be released BEFORE August 20, allowing them time to use the device in order to report on it. So, taking a guess, the release date of the DEVICE- not Samsung's on demand video- will probably be 2 weeks prior- lets say: August 6, 2010. Which happens to be the date given to several retail stores as the estimated launch date.

    • alex

      how do you know this?

    • Ego

      And…. its the 6th… try again


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