Motorola Droid X Vs iPhone 4: Verizon’s Droid X Death Grip Video

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2010

It looks like Apple really want to get their message across about the iPhone 4 AntennaGate problems don’t they? The company has just posted a video, showing the effects of the Death Grip on the newly released Motorola Droid X handset on Verizon.

As reported from MacRumors, Apple are keen to show consumers that it is not only the iPhone 4 that drops signal when holding the handset in a specific way.

A new video published by the company, shows what happens when the exact same tests are carried out on a Droid X handset. Apple’s video shows that the reception bars on the Droid X drop from 3 to 0 when held in the Death Grip position.

Talk about a low blow by Apple, don’t you think? We wonder which handset they will target next. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • Aaron

    I can get my Droid X's battery to drain and accidentally launch apps, but I can't get the signal bars to drop using the same method Apple used in the video. Out of curiosity, I tried it on everyone's phone in the room and couldn't get it to work on any of them including the iPhone 3g. Unfortunately, there weren't any iPhone 4's to test. I don't know what it is people are doing to reduce their signal but it's not from normal use. BTW, for the guy who said it's physics: go back to school and try again.

  • bigdog

    WAY wrong…. I just test on my droid nothing happened. I did notice they are holding a unusal fashion with index figer at the top. When i picked my phone i don't put my index finger at the top i put it next the rest of fingers……

  • StevesJobssucks

    The “death grip” on the Droid X is BS by Apple. Most tech blogs have looked at it, and tried to replicate it and have been unable to. At least the way that Apple shows in its video. Even then, calls still get through, and you can get data connection going. Apple & Steve are just whining because they know they put out a defective product.

  • Been hearing a lot of people say that every smart phone has this issue. I have the previous version of the droid, and I have no problems… then again, I don't hold my phone like it's my johnson….

  • Scott

    I wish Apple would just use their enormous resources and energies to fix their own problem. they sound like a bunch of whiners. I have NEVER experienced a reception problem with my Blackberry. I am considering a Droid X, but frankly am not sure it will be as business appropriate as my BB.

    • The Droid X would be a great business phone. My dad has the Motorloa Droid and uses it for work, and works great. and saying that the Droid X allows you to have multiple emails like 11 corporate sync, 7 Google Mail ,10 yahoo mail and more (JUST GIVEING RANDOM NUMBERS).

  • JohnQ

    Lmao…I just did it on my EVO4G and it actually connected to 3G and the bar went up when I did it. Poor Poor Apple…its rotting!

  • Frankyvee

    So Joe you have to jailbreak iPhone for it to compete with the X. LoL, That should tell you something, Joe. If apple would have contracted with verizon from the onset they would have taken over the smartphone market. Now droid OS phones are going to eat Apples lunch. You can't compete with open source code. Learn about.

  • Justin

    When I hold my iPhone in the upper left hand corner my pictures always comes out black. Poor design on Apples part. The iPhone sucks, I just want to take good pictures. Also when I place my hand on top of the iPhone I can’t see the screen! How pathetic! Again poor design. I tried this with the the Droid X, and same problem! The droid sucks too!

    Moral of the story, keep your f’ing hand off functioning parts of the phone!

  • killbot

    I like the iphone but after puting up with all of its issues, it drives me crazy. I also have a verizon motorola phone for work. I can just about make a call from anywere on my verizon phone where as with my iphone i dont have to move and it will drop bars fast. When steve jobs said the iphone will never do flash, he lost alot of people to the droid. The only real advantage of the iphone 4 is facetime but since i dont need it. Goodbye iphone , hello droid x. Apple started the game, but got too complacent and got passed up. P.s. itunes is the devil, mama.

  • Joe

    No matter what people say no phone can top the iphone 4, motorola is on there last leg. I work with a lot of motorola equipment they are all junk . Poorly constructed and a big wast of money. I had verizon for 6 years and yes there reception is flawless but there Internet is just junk. One last thing about apple know company can top there osx it’s so smooth and wicked fast. I promise you one thing iPhone will always be on just can’t beat the jailbreak sorry droid x take a seat in the back.

    • Frankyvee

      So Joe you have to jailbreak iPhone for it to compete with the X. LoL, That should tell you something, Joe. If apple would have contracted with verizon from the onset they would have taken over the smartphone market. Now droid OS phones are going to eat Apples lunch. You can't compete with open source code. Learn about.

  • Bill

    I watched the Apple press meeting and saw the comparism to all the other phones. I simply don't agree. I DO realize if you are holding your phone like a chimp and squeezing the phone, you will shield the antenna and cause a problem in a low signal area, but The Iphone4 and my Blackberry storm, which has been panned by everyone, given the death grip side by side in my kitchen, reveal the iPhone4 signal drops to zero bars, and my Blackberry dropped one bar and retains excellent signal…Just saying…

  • LAViking

    Lol fake? Ok if you need to make your fandroid self happy by thinking it. The river denial is a great place to vacation. Some even choose to live there permanently.


  • George Sorfazian

    Droid X has 2 antennas so no matter how you hold it… your calls in crystal clear!

    • Yea so Apple messed up so they start pointing fingers at everyone else, and I personally tested the Droid X and couldn't make the bars drop. i love the Droid X not like the "Apple fans" lol but it just works for me

  • immablogger

    This is the biggest crock of $H!T i have ever seen. Who holds a phone like that? Whoever is holding the phone in this video puts their finger on the TOP left of the phone (where an antenna SHOULD be), to block the signal. Then, when the finger is removed from the TOP of the phone (again, where the antenna SHOULD be), the signal came back in a matter of seconds. Poor Apple with their chicken $h!t attempts…and John, you're a douche.

  • FreeFromApple

    I was with AT&T and the iPhone for years and upgraded to the iPhone4. I put up with dropped calls, bad reception and no reception outside of major cities for years because the iPhone was so cool. But where reception was bad before the iPhone4 it was dead with the iPhone4. I returned my iPhone4 for a refund and cancelled my upgrade contract with AT&T and went to Verizon and the Droid X last week. If there is a death grip I haven't experienced it. I can't believe how good life is with the Droid X! I have reception everywhere. I haven't had a single dropped call not once not anywhere. Droid X is fast, smart and I am not locked into iTunes! In just over a week Droid X has changed my life for the better. Now I wonder how it is that I put up with such poor service on the iPhone for so many years and I am so glad I didn't get stuck with the iPhone4 and AT&T for the next two years!

    • Book

      Hey. I’m in that boat now with the iPhone. Phone isn’t worth anything witout 3g coverage. It takes forever to watch YouTube clips on an edge connection!! It’s been a long time coming, but now there is a cooler phone. I’m ordering the Droid X tomorrow!! Thanks for that post!!!

  • If you are connected to 3G then you have a good signal. The effects of the deathgrip are most troublesome when you have a weak signal (no 3G). This is why they aren't connected to 3G in the video.

  • carter
  • Apple Shows all smart phones suffer from Signal loss when held In the "Death Grip" Its common knowledge that all internal antenna devices will suffer signal loss if gripped in this way! Dont cry Droid users! and if you think these videos are fake, dont you think all these companies would sue Apple ????

  • Droid Antennagate

    Apple Shows all smart phones suffer from Signal loss when held In the "Death Grip"
    Live with it Droid Users LOL… If any of these videos were faked Apple would be sued so bad for so much by so many they would be in court for the next 5 years then out of business, So whos crying now :)))))

    • jmmm

      I've looked up some video of people doing the same thing in the droid x and there was no problem.

      If u wanna be taken seriously give me links that are not from Apple's website and Videos form other then Apple's youtube account like this one

  • Matt Armanini

    All phones with internal antennas suffer from signal loss when held tight with the "death grip" all apple was doing was showing this fact!
    They even showed the 3g and 3gs.
    If any of these videos were fake Apple would be sued so fast for so much they would be Out of business..
    Watch and then cry when you see your phone drops bars also LOL…

    • you’re wrong

      I’ve spent half an hour on my nokia 5800 trying to get a death grip, but with no success, also tried with my bro’s blackberry bold 9700, again with no success, it’s only a matter of your company’s signal, and clear it’s clear that AT&T sucks…..

  • FeelStupidNow?

    Wow so apple just admit there's an antenna problem with the iphone. So all the people that have been defending apple and deny they dont have this problem on their ip4 look really stupid now. Apple should have told everyone before selling that the way they designed the iphone you cant touch that x spot and let the consumers decide if they still want to buy the ip4. I love the iphone but this seem shady…oh well i guess i'll stick with the 3gs.

    • Dom Holmes

      Apple admitted there was a problem when they started the bumper problem. The fact that Apple could easily push out the white 4 but hasn't and smash the Droid in sales, more than they have to date, is a testament to the Apple commitment to quality products over compensation. What company do you know that has not had a problem at some point with its products. Companies like Ford, Toyota, Firestone, Sony, and the like have all had issues that they have had to resolve. Because Droid is a new phenomenon this series will have plenty of time to have problems of their own. From the looks of the video here they're not excluded from hangups.

      As far as I'm concerned the world knows that Apple and the Iphone set the bar in the market (and still lead by a long shot). The Droid has some impressive features but just because it has made the playoffs doesn't mean its ready for a finals run. Give Apple its respect.

  • oneand0

    I used to love my Iphone so much! Until I got bored with it and saw Droid X coming. Yeehaa. This thing is awesome. It was only a matter of time before someone passed up the Iphone. Do a lot of travel and hate taking out my laptop, so I used to watch movies all the time on my Iphone with some Vibe's. Now I get to watch it on the Droids screen, very nice now, not to mention getting in at the Marriott and hooking up HDMI from phone to watch an HD movie on their LCD. I phone can't do that! BTW I tried the death grip a few time and it doesn't happen like in that fake Utube video Johnny Boy!!

  • Jason in Mass

    I must agree .. this is a crock. The Droid X isnt connected to 3G in the video. I have had AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. I will never switch from Verizon. I have had them for 2 years now and I am completely happy with them. I have had the Blackberry Storm and Storm 2. I also tried the HTC Droid eris (didnt like that phone). I am now on the Droid X. This is by far the best phone I have ever had. I sit at work and watch 2 guys there with thier I3 and I4 and watch them walk all over to keep a signal on thier phone. I have no problems at all with mine. I have tried several of these so called death grips that they show and I dont lose any signal with my phone. The video is phenominal, the internet is so fast, and the lcd screen and 720p video is awesome. Oh yeah … and another thing … all you Iphone people … I hope you dont lose or have your phone stolen … since your insurance doesnt cover that … but Verizons does.

  • BM2

    Oh yeah…low blow by Apple. They should just sit back at let the other companies bash them around through their commercials . Ha! I don’t think so.

  • On my Droid X right now and that didn’t work when i did it

  • HTC user

    It seems like a fake Droid X as the screen shot isn’t right.

  • Joe

    Apple can try every trick in the book, Droid X is still on top….

    Flash, Screen Size and above all Swype, how can you go wrong.

    Bye Bye Apple.

    Hello Droid X

    • tony


  • Joe

    The antenna problem really isn't as big of a deal. I guess it's just me. I've always had dropped calls/signal loss delayed messages with verizon and sprint(still haven't experienced it with AT&T). It's just the nature of a cell phone and it's never bothered me. I love my new iPhone!(my first one at that!)

    • Sha

      I travel nation wide; you are telling a big fib to support your claim.

  • Josh

    Reminds me of fifth grade. Prove your legitimacy by disproving everyone elses, great way to improve your business image.

  • John

    Whats low about it? Fact is, when Apple raised the issue that all phones suffer the same attenuation to some degree and it wasn't just an iphone issue, the other manufacturers were all to happy to say their phones did not, they basically claimed they were immune to such things, that was a blatant lie and now the world is being shown they were lying, I bet it will continue…Of course the other manufacturers can easily try and refute the videos Apple is showing, but they won't, because they know it's the truth…

    Do you have a problem with the truth being shown? If you think Apple rigged the test, go to youtube there are hundreds of videos showing the same thing from a variety of phone makers, the same that claimed their phones were immune…Of course it was great pointing it out when it was Apple, now that the droids are getting thrown under the bus all of a sudden it's not as much fun for you guys and there's something wrong with it…

    Hell, If I were Apple I'd quick make some commercials of the above and run them nationwide like the Droids did saying you could hold their phones anyway you want…Apple should run them non-stop saying at least you can see our screen…Payback is a bit@# isn't it!

    • nigel

      you need help bro. The iPhone has problems, and the Droid X really doesn't. It sounds like you have buyers remorse.

    • Tony Adams III

      I own a iPhone 4 and I completely agree! Every smartphone has this problem! It's science, not science fiction! Anyone I dare you to test your smartphone! No one phone is ammune to this! If it was it would defye physics or it would not be using some type of radio wave to get a signal! Wake up and smell the dust that iPhone is leaving you in!

      • Shane

        I was trying honest I just dont know where to hold it my service just got better lol

  • Cal

    Yep, an independent test would have been better instead of Apple trying to paint every other company with the same brush. I do not own the iPhone, but given this performance from Apple, I will never buy one.

  • James

    no issues for Droid X. Apple is faking it. Notice how in the video Droid X is not connected to 3g.

    • Nathan

      3g has nothing to do with it. Its a HARDWARE ISSUE!!!!

    • Matt

      this is true i have a droid x and there is no problems like this that happen when i "grip" it a certain way

    • I saw that?