Incase Snap Case: Only iPhone 4 Case Renderings

By Gary Johnson - Jul 24, 2010

We told you yesterday the range of cases that will be available through the Apple iPhone 4 case program, and that the Incase Snapcase will only be available in black if you want it free through Apple.

Today we can report to you that if you want the Incase Snapcase you still can only see renderings of the case and not actual photo’s of the case. On the company’s website it still says that cases for the iPhone 4 are coming soon. It makes you think there could be problems with manufacturers keeping up with the demand for their products.

Details of the case are still very sketchy but it should protect the sides and the rear of the iPhone 4, but it would be nice to have more information on the case to help customers choose which one they want. The iPhone has only been out for a month now, so companies who make products like these have not had long to design and make new cases for the device.

Have you decided what case you want for your iPhone 4 yet?

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  • improvius

    I got my free one yesterday. I opted for the clear version, as I already have a matte black case-mate "barely there" case. I put it on immediately and removed it almost as quickly. It is nearly identical to the case-mate in overall design, but significantly inferior. The basic problem is the loose fit. Whereas the case-mate is perfectly snug, the incase feels loose. Specifically, there is a fair amount of front-to-back play. There seems to be too much space between the inside back of the case and the ridges that lock onto the sides of the iPhone. This would only be mildly annoying if the sides of the case extended farther out from the face of the iPhone. Unfortunately, the extension of the sides is just slightly less than the amount of front-to-back play, which means the placing the phone face-down on a flat surface will result in the face touching that surface.

    The case-mate has essentially the same dimensions, but is perfectly snug. So placing the phone face-down will result in the phone resting on the case edges, with a slight amount of space between the phone's face and the surface.

    Also, the clear plastic was fairly easy to smudge. The matte black finish of the case-mate is essentially impossible to smudge. I know that's a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison, but it gave me even less of a reason to keep the incase on my phone.

  • Mark

    I just received my iPhone 4 snap case from incase. It is exceptionally thin. Fits really well and slides into my Agent 18 dock insert fine. The black rim around the flash and front camera lens does indeed eliminate the flash glare problem I had with my Griffin Reveal case. There is no real protection along the top edge around the headphone port and sleep switch, they are wide open. My only gripe is there is really no front screen crash protection. In other words there is no wrap around front bezel to help protect the front glass at all. There is a microsmidgeon (0.5mm ?) of plastic that protrudes perpendicularly beyond the edge of the front glass, but after two months in my overpadded Griffin Reveal, I feel a bit exposed. This is a well built, very minimalist case that focus on protecting the back glass and insulating the antenna edges.

  • mmm

    agreed. ivyskins "reception case" is amazingly thin – you can hardly tell there is a case on it at all. It's size also allows for my iphone to be placed within my belkin 3g iphone runners case – whereas the bumper would need to be removed to fit.

  • ninagosaimas

    The one that I prefer is that amazing iphone 4 bumper from ivyskin as well.