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White iPhone 4 Release Date Pushed Back Until “Later This Year”

Up until now we have expected the white iPhone 4 to arrive sometime in late July, however Apple has recently released a statement which is very bad news for any of you readers who cannot wait much longer for the release.

Here is Apple’s recent statement “White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.”

There is no indication as how far away a “later this year” release really is, however I’m sure if Apple were expecting an August release they would have said something like “next month”.

To be honest I think that Apple may be delaying the white iPhone 4 because of the ongoing signal/reception problems, lets face it how hard can it be for Apple’s iPhone 4 manufacturers to make an iPhone 4 a different color, therefore I predict that the white iPhone 4 will arrive with slightly different internal hardware to rectify the signal problems.

Do you think my prediction is the real reason for the white iPhone 4 delay?

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  • Steve Jobs

    We will be offering a red iphone in December as a Christmas Limited Edition, Thank you all for your patience.

  • Ethan

    i have read a different reason why the iphone has been delayed. they say its harder to make the white iphones and takes longer because if the white is to thin its partially transparent and if to thick doesnt meet the specifications

  • Annonymous

    stupids… Apple is doing this because if they released the white and black one together there will be more whites than blacks sold.. but if they realease them one at a time, the sales for both black and white will be just as good..

  • Rick

    Jamie: You're absolutely right about the white iphone 4 release. I hear it's 4th December 2010.

  • Chelsea

    This is absolutely ridiculous! I have been waiting for the white iPhone 4 since June 24…Like everyone else, I was told it would be available to purchase around the middle of July. I figured I would sell my white 3GS and upgrade to the i4 once the white ones came out. I sold my 3gs in anticipation to use that money to buy the new iphone. Middle of July roled around and i patiently waited for the release of the white iphone 4 and then saw it wasn't coming out until "Later this year" or maybe even early 2011! Apple needs to be up front and loyal otherwise they will loose their loyal customers. Im debating if I should just go in and get the iphone 4 in black or maybe switch to the white blackberry since they seemed to figure it out…

  • Mr Luke

    Hey, It's me, are u Fing retarded? do you even know what the bumpers look like on an I4? you can see the phone. You remind me of that Cleadus char from the simpsons, that inbred hippy dude. Tell me, Did you slap your knee when you wrote that?

  • It’s me

    Are yall serious. Mane just get the blk I4. U gonna put a case on it n e way so the white want show n e way. Yall are missing out, really missing out. But good luck in ya wait. I’ll enjoy my blk I4. Matter of fact I’m writing this on it right now. I holla.

  • vito

    also…why cant they just be honest about the whole thing and tell everyone the truth instead of making up a bunch of garbage.i think people would understand and feel better if this problem was stated right from the very beginning

  • vito

    apple knew this from the start!! because why would they hold the white one when the black one was ok for release? to me that answers all the questions right from the start!! if i would have known about the issue before i bought the black one i would have waited for the white! fortunately my phone has no issues at all with the signal/reception issue.i also recieved my phone 2 days prior to the official release date.i think that the first initial phones were ok but somewhere down the line in production they got messed up

  • Hello All,

    The white iPhone 4 will be coming out on September 11, 2010

    • pol

      Is this a defendant answer? Many are eagerly awaiting the iphone4 white.

    • tom

      is this really steve jobs. and are you positive it's coming out on Sept 11?

  • peter

    most likely whenever the white is released it will not have nearly as large a release as the black phone, it will a significantly lower number. apple is only being unfair to its loyal customers, the small group of us that wanted to wait for the white. it would be great if we could just get an actual answer with some specifics.

    but unfortunately this is apple were talking about and everything has to be a mystery until the last possible second.

  • Will

    im waiting for the white iphone 4 but i cant wait for ever! Apple do really need to tell us the day it will be relased and stop messing us around. if i had known that the white one may not be ready until Xmas i would have pre ordered the black model ready for the 24th June…. but now All the O2 shops never have any stock at the moment near me and now they stopped the early upgrade offer so i cant even upgrade unless i order the phone from apple which will take 3 weeks!!!!!

    we are paying a lot of money for this phone and i think apple should treat us a lot better than they are.

  • iMattyUK

    It would be nice if they could just simply give us a "what is going on" rather than the one liners etc. I have noticed when a friend bought his 4 round against my 3G sat on the table I had four bars to his one and that is without even touching it so I guess there is more of a problem than just the touching the bottom corner. I am left handed so would be stupid for me to get one. I am hoping the White one is released cured. I am suprised about the colour issue, other manufacturers have got it right such as Blackberry…

    • Oklahoma29

      No other manufactures have made a cell phone with this kind of material. No one has got it right, because no one has ever done it before Apple.

  • iModder

    I think they’ve already fixed the antenna issue. My friend brought his iPhone 4 in because of a bad proximity sensor, and they gave him a new iPhone that was surprisingly different. The proximity sensor was more noticeable, and he couldn’t replicate the signal problem. I recently visited an Apple Store, and grabbed all the iPhone 4’s in the store, and couldn’t replicate the signal problem by covering the stainless steel bezel on the lower left gap/corner. I’m stumped. :/

  • Ashley

    I am one of those that has eagerly and patiently been awaiting the release of the white iPhone and this story has beyond infuriated me. I even called up Apple to confirm this story and they are still telling people the phone will be out at the end of this month. Well guess what a**holes, it is the end of the month and you still don’t have a figgin’ release date! Instead of hiding behind so much secrecy you should be upfront with your customers, they’re more understanding than you think. Apple is pushing away their loyal customer base by not being forth coming with information.

  • Tony

    Jeff, I agree with you that the many loyal iPhone customers who have had the restraint to wait for the white model should at least be rewarded with an exact release date. It may very well be that apple is having manufacturing issues, but it just doesn't make much sense when taking into consideration that a release date was given for "the end of this month" to later this year. If it was truly a manufacturing issue, Jobs would have never hinted at the end of the month. My theory is that apple is riding the wave of high sales that the black iPhone is having and rather than add to that wave by releasing the white version, they are waiting until sales drop to release it. This will boost sales again and make apple look great to the public and to stockholders. I may be wrong, but it just makes more sense to me than a company like apple saying that they can't get the right amount of white paint under the cover.

  • drbchbumtim

    I believe APPLE is going to work out all internal (antenna) issues while they have the opportunity, but the main issue for manufacturing remains… they cannot figure out how to prevent the "white" components, paint or subsequent materials used to achieve the color, from slowly fading to the color pink.
    I am fiercely as eager as all my fellow LOYAL iPHONE users, to be carrying and using the i4, however, the reality of hundreds of thousands of white iPhones’ fading to pink, and then the outrageous outcry and negative publicity the situation would garner, keep me reality-based. All in all, much more upset for the company and consumer; apparently, the risk of release too great, thus, APPLE remains committed to their high-standards, while we accept patience being a virtue!

    PS – I am daily struggling with 'to buy black i4, or not to buy…'

  • This has been way predicted even before the press con of Apple last week.

    Your best bet? If the launch will be as late as 2011, Reports will flow that 'White iPhone 4, don't have the antenna gate issue". Details:

  • Jeff

    I think it's a real possibility that the antenna issues are effecting it's release. I also think that, for their loyal fans that have been patiently waiting for the white iPhone, Apple should come clean and give us a true explanation and a solid release date. Does anyone else think our patience should be rewarded in some manner? How many of us would have just gotten a black one on pre-order if Apple said then that it would be X-mas before release? Heck, by the time they get the white out, will the next model be coming out shortly after.

  • matt

    yes i think you are right. Seve jobs himself said that the free bumper program ends on sept. 20 which made me believe that they are trying to fix the reception problem before then. It's all really shady.


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